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    A chinese 2-stroke on a $39.00 wallmart roadmaster.
    I finished the heat cycling, started the break in.
    Zipping back and forth.
    Starting and stopping. letting it cool completly, then off again.
    So quiet. Shhhh!
    Idle when warm approx 600 rpm.
    Torque unreal.
    Speed way too fast for the brakes.
    Followed for approx 3 miles by a local Gendarme, on my six. He waved when he pulled away. LOL!

    After about six hours suddenly an awful sound.
    Bang Bang,
    What The Heck!!
    The chain is so loose it is slapping everything.
    Stretch-0-Matic Chain is right.
    Drove it home parked it for the night.
    I will remove approx six inches of chain tomorrow.

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    ah hah !!!
    the happy time hooks another :D
    (it's a good addiction though ! :D:D)
  3. Six inches of chain how in the world did you initially have it on never mind it lasting 6 hours before bang bang. And what bang bang?
  4. spad4me

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    Its working well again.

    LOL tighten the bolts constantly, not once in a while.
    The rear wheel bolt on the engine sprocket side slipped.
    The chain was hitting the wheel and slapping the frame.
    The wheel was flat, this was fixed.
    The clutch sprocket was checked.
    The wrist pin bushing was checked.
    All noises were identified, and the causes looked at.
    The rear wheel was correctly installed.
    The idler was adjusted, and chain oiled.

    Large Filipino the dual right hand brake lever you posted looks interesting.
    I believe I will adapt my brake handle to match .