"This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation"

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    While living in the Phoenix, I became accustomed having bike lanes and multiuse paths available. We could ride power assisted bicycles in any bike lane.
    I have recently moved to Houston and it is very different. The standard four lane road is curbed and has no bike lane. There is usually a narrow sidewalk on only one side of the road putting you on a collision course with strollers and skateboards. You can take your chances riding in the right lane, but you will need to hop the curb to avoid being hit by buses or cargo trailers.
    The FM roads sometimes have a wide, paved shoulder, but power assisted bikes and mopeds are only legal on roads with speed limits of 30mph or less in TX.
    I wind up commuting on the sidewalk with an unpowered mountain bike.
    I would surely benefit from some more bike lanes or multiuse paths and some relaxing of restrictions on power assisted bicycles in TX.
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