This is why you should always wear a helmet............

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by gnflyby, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Last month I took my MB for a test and tune. I forgot to wear my helmet and at about 30mph my rear tire blew, well these are the results, eight stitches over my eye, 6 stitches in my right pinky finger, three fractured teeth, a concussion and road rash from head to toe. Some how I managed to walk home beaten and bloody. My wife said when she opened the door I looked like CARRIE, with blood all over, it's a site she says she will never forget! I'm a husband , father, grandfather and friend, think about how many people this would have affected had I not been so lucky! Obviously it was not my time, and maybe with this thread I could help to save someone from making the same mistake I made! Please do your loved ones a favor and wear your helmet, it could save your life, and theirs! I now wear my helmet even when I, j/k. But seriously, I now have a whole new respect for these bikes and what the consequences can be if your not careful. Thanks for letting me share this, Nelson.

    P.S. The first picture is before and the second, after. What a difference huh?! And the last picture is me and my new best friend!!!

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  2. EnFlaMEd

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    ouch dude you got messed up. Its the law to wear helmets on pushies here in Aus but I am seriously considering a full face helmet myself. I am a little worries what could happen when doing 30mph+
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    yep -- I have been there also -- glad that you are ok

    may sound strange -- ok you say Mountainman

    well sometimes in accidents such at that
    one can break their neck -- never to walk again -- almost happened to me
    or at freak times -- just a hard knock to head -- it's over -- dead

    be safe -- have fun -- as we -- ride those THINGS
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    My only real concern with wearing a full face or even open face bike helmet here is the attention it would attract. Dude on a bicycle wearing a bicycle helmet = "nothing suss"
    Dude on a bicycle wearing a bike helmet + goggles or full face helmet = "lets take a closer look"
  5. azbill

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    glad you made it through with out needing a stretcher :)
    a valuable lesson learned :cool2:
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    I agree, helmets are good! I wear a bicycle helmet though, and keep my speed around 20. :helmet:

    I see you are a fellow GN owner "going fast with class". Personally, I'll fulfill my need for speed with the Buick and putt around on the motorized bike. :)
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    Oh yeah still trying to go fast, I sold my 87 about two years ago, but I still go to the GS Nationals in Kentucky, and I make a few videos for the Buick community. If you want to check them out visit:
  8. arceeguy

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    Cool website! I've actually seen it before from a link on

    I've got an '87 that I've owned since new. I was poor back then, so I had to order a "stripper". No power nothing. But then again, who needs all the extra weight. It's got 29K miles. Bone stock. Cr@ppy paint and all.
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    Good to hear your ok albeit a lil worse for wear. This forum has already had one member die from his unprotected head hitting the ground lets not see another fellas...always wear a helmet the road or pavement will win EVERY TIME when your head is the opposition!.

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    Hey, I am glad you are OK and also glad that you posted your story. You never know who you may have helped by doing so.

    I live In bowling Green, KY, home of the Buick Nationals at Beech Bend Raceway. Hopefully, one day they will host the MB Nationals, ha ha.

  11. machiasmort

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    Wow, that was close Brother! Glad to hear you tell the story, cuz your still arround. Don't need to be reading anything bad about any MB'r.

    It's a shame that a lot of us don't wear hemets.

    I don't as previously stated, because it makes you stand out. I'm in NY and wish that I could, my friends yell at me all the time. Guess it's the chance you take for trying to avoid the senseless and pointless laws...

    Glad you made it through...

    Noticed that was your 7th post. Don't be afraid to ask Q's here Brother! We are here to help out! Thanks for sharring pics for the guy's in States that ain't as togh as mine!
  12. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Good that you're still in one piece, gn. Could've been worse, like the poor guy who died after falling off his electric bike.

    I always wear a motorcycle helmet while riding my MB's. Aside from offering excellent protection, it's a heads up for drivers around me that I'm faster than a regular bicycle. That way they can adjust their riding style accordingly.

    Then they realize why I'm in the middle of the road, instead of off to the curb.
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    Hey Bill, thank you for the kind words brother. It feels good to be alive!!! I believe out of bad sometimes comes good, if this thread can save someone then that would be very good! I was just in Kentucky this past August for the 2009 GS Nats, it was a blast! I love Kentucky, great people!!!
  14. gnflyby

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    Thank you for the kind words, I'm not 100% yet, but I'm still here and that is enough for right now! So far I've been able to find solutions to my problems just by searching this forum, but it's always good to know I have people to turn to when I have a questions, thanks for the offer brother, Nelson. :)
  15. gnflyby

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    Thanks brother, I'm glad to still be here to be able to spend the weekends with my granddaughter, whom I love with all my heart! Also your comment makes so much sense about the other drivers, I also purchased front and back lights for night driving, it makes a world of difference! Nelson. :)