This Link might be helpful...

sh*t, it didn't "help" me any...i'll have to spring for $30 registration in washington state, plus a buck-fifty for the decal :devilish:
I'm going to remain ignorant of the laws and presume even greater ignorance on the part of authorities, rely on the power of bluff and b.s. to keep rubber to the road.

Alabama looks fuzzy, forgot my reading glasses. All the other 49 states "hey, just passing through".
hehe...just met a guy out here who has an old whizzer...he's never registered or had a problem. only 2 cops in the area & they have more important things to worry about. i figure i get a real skid-lid & mind my manners i won't have any problems either :devilish:

Augie I just read the laws for Wa and it seems you are at the mercy of the local that stops you their is not a definite ruling on motor assisted bikes the only reference is to electric assisted bike.......Just wear a brain bucket and be NICE :)

Re: Wa

actually, i read the first paragraph as clearly defining the (up to 50cc/30mph) gas-powered bike as a moped, registration/license required. moped rentals is a central business up here, i'll be calling them to clarify.
Cookie said:
.......Just wear a brain bucket and be NICE :)

how 'bout i just put a "smilie" on my helmet, will that work? :p
WA "moped" law

(I am referring to WA state as i live here)

So if they are classifying as a moped.. I am hoping this does not mean that we need a LICENSE to ride them..

And they need to be more clear.. By what they are saying If I had a bicycle with a 2.5 cc Model Airplane motor.. ITS A MOPED?? lol