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    hi I have a old motorbike I don't know what it is but i want to restore it it has a bumble bee motor on it I am not working I broke my back but i can still pital with stuff I used to work on cars and trucks for a hobby but I can't now so i,m going to try to do this bike I will need a lot of help and I hope you all can help me find things to make it original I did drive it a long time ago but it stop running its in parts now and I hope I can find everything so I guess this HI and I hope to meet and make friends.

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    Hi, Where are you at? What kind of bike you got?
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA
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    old bike

    I don't know what it is it has a bumble bee motor on it I just want to put it back together I seen a old amy bike like it on a page but it didn't say what it was.
    I live in Newdouglas IL.

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