This one is a beauty !!

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by Esteban, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Sweet! Maybe some of my MBs will be worth $6 grand one day-----not. :D

    Wonder what the ring is for on the rear wheel?
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    nice looking MB thing there

    but truly I am wondering -- is that THING really 150 cc
    it for sure don't look to be that big

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    Wonder what the ring is for on the rear wheel?

    Supposed to be a brake. Apparently they didn't use coaster brakes, and the front was a little shy, so they added that as an option....kind of a forerunner to a disc brake maybe. Stopping is a good thing. :jester:
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    Coaster brakes were popular in the USA and in Europe, though less so in Great Britain. This rear brake is a very odd feature, operating onto a dummy rim rather than the hub. Apparently introduced by Sheppee for their machines in 1925 (though fitted to this 1924 model), you can see in the picture below how the coaster brake mechanism works on the rim. Motorcycles had recently started moving from belt drive to chain drive, so I assume there was a surplus availability of dummy rims at that time.
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    That is way Cool !!!
    If I won the Lotto I would buy one !!!!
    Kinda Funny a option was a tennis racket holder !!!
    Did you see the pic of the Brigten pier, Reminds me of the movie the WHO made there ..
    The Mods and Rockers...