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    I'm new to this, but always have a project of some sort going on. I have the curse of wanting to build everything I'm interested in. From electronics to machines to woodwork, I get teased by my wife and family pretty much all the time. This started (the bike) because of our move closer to my work. I started riding my bike, and soon couldn't stop thinking of powering it somehow. I started with a winch motor (12v) and a controller I built. That all went up in smoke due to too many electrons pumping through it. I almost gave up. Then I saw my old leaf blower. A McCulloch that had gone through the flood that wrecked our financial lives. I had hung on to it, caked with mud, still smelling of that bad water that it had sat in for three days before the water receeded. My brain kicked into gear, or out of gear, as most would think. I became obsessed with bolting that thing to my bike; only because I know how much laughter it would create if I put what I first thought of on my bike: my 4hp B&S.I just want to thank all of you who contribute to this forum. I don't have a dime to put into a real store bought bike motor, so I am hoping there are others like me to bounce ideas off of to create a budget cruiser. Thanks again, and I will soon postg some pics to show what I'm doing.

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    There are in fact many like you trying to put one together from old chain saws, rototillers, leaf blowers & other motorized stuff. Do some searches and start here.....The Crash Course for MotoredBike NOOBS
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    Welcome to MBc, and best of luck with your project. There's a lot of information to be found here, and a lot of people who can answer your questions. Keep us updated on the progress of your build.