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    I've been rolling on motorbikes now for two years and, still, this forum continues to educate me and inspire me to do better. The depth and amount of usable knowledge available on this site helps me just about everyday. Thank you to those who freely and openly share your vast knowledge so that we struggling garage mechanics can slog our way through our troubles and setbacks.

    I read this site just about everyday and, although I can't understand all of it, it gives me a base of knowledge from which I can proceed and conquer my challenges.

    A few months ago, I bought a new HT motor thinking it would be my summer workhorse. The thing just never ran well. Warped head. Damaged head gasket. Never quite solved my air leak issue and simply failed to run well.

    Saturday, I removed the head and saw damage to the piston and cylinder. Something got in there. I opened it up because earlier I thought it was pinging. Not the case!

    A year ago, I would have been at a total loss, forced to buy a new engine. But I had the foresight to buy a new jug and piston for just such a rainy day. In very short time, I replaced the jug and cylinder and I sanded the cylinder head in a flat surface with 400 grit paper. Then I used my Dremel polish tool to buff it to perfect.

    With my first start up with the new jug, it has been running brilliantly. Quick start with some choke. Excellent torque at the start. Absolutely ripping up the hills and giving great 7k brappage at about 80% throttle. It is brilliant! Majestic! So fun! Best way to get to and from work ever.

    Today was my 153rd commute to work via motorbike. About 4000 miles. No way I could have figured this out myself. Impossible. Without this forum, it is a fool's errand. You can't just slap a 2 stroke kit in a bike frame and expect it to really work. This forum makes it possible.

    Thanks very much! You keep writing and I'll keep reading. :)
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    That was beautiful
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    Right on man.
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    I just successfully rebuilt the top end of my old eBay motor. This site and it's members have helped me a lot and I appreciate it! I'm always learning ;)