this top end got skills !

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by konix shiwa, May 21, 2016.

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  2. skyash

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    o yeah .is it made for the 66cc or is it off another motor
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  3. konix shiwa

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    hello, it is for another motor, but :
    For the assembly of my MXS Sport Cylinders I needed an 6 mm aluminum plate,
    (that will depend if you have a 40 mm crank or 38mm crank or 43mm or ... )
    that will allow to prop up the height of the cylinder, to mate and align the china girl case transfers to those massive MXS Sport Cylinders transfers.
    The kit is delivered with several gaskets to settle the squish.
    Attention the kit exists in piston pin 10 mm and 12 mm, and 2 versions :SPORT and RACING, I recommend the SPORT.
    It is rather easy to adapt this kit but a competence in mechanics will be welcome.
    Voila, have fun, as for me, I am only an enthusiast of 2 strokes who wants to share his passion with you my friends.
    KONIX, konixcylinder.jpg
  4. joe trammel

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    that looks good whats your top speed lookin like ?
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  5. konix shiwa

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    I did not measure the top speed but I would like that somebody in USA to tries this top end and says to us which top speed it can really make...
  6. joe trammel

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    is this the 70cc model id be willing to get one and dyno it
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    give me all of the info and links on it and ill put it on my bench tester
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  9. konix shiwa

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  10. Frankfort MB's

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    Looks awesome!!! Did you see any increase in power? Looks like it would add to cooling ability and compression with that Puch style looking head
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  11. skyash

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    The in side looks almost like my 49 cc hp pocket bike motor and if it goes like that motor plus being bigger cc 50mph might be possible. When I look at smaller engines that hit speeds the 66cc are doing then the 66cc should get up to at least 50mph but thay are sh*t and don't so eny mod that changes most the motor is worth a look
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  12. Hello Moto!

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    looks complicated :confused:

    very cool though
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  13. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    starting to look pretty good ;)

    now if only they would go to the effort of casting up some new crankcases to take crankcase reed valves so the cylinder can be completely finned and not have that massive hole in the rear end.
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  14. Steve Best

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    It is the Minarelli vertical engine we want?
    Does it have the 45mm bolt-spacing (63mm diagonal)?
    The Yamaha BWS Slider and Minarelli Jog cylinder bolt-spacing is 50mm or 71mm diagonal?

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  15. konix shiwa

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    Frankfort MB's -Yes the increase of power is real, this is racing stuff.The cylinder is treated nikasil, Piston mono-segment...
    Steve Best - in my country this cylinder is frequently installed on MBK BOOSTER SCOOTER, in my case i had no problem with cylinder bolt-spacing, the MXS cylinder bolt-spacing is the same of the china cylinder and crankcase.

    MXS says there top end go on :

    Amico 50cc AC ( entre '91 et '92), Amico 50cc ac (après '93), Amico GL 50cc AC, Amico Sport 50cc AC, SR 50cc AC (avant '94) - Minarelli vertical

    Pista 2 50cc AC, Pista 50cc AC

    Booster 50cc AC (après '04), Booster 50cc AC (de '92 à '99), Booster Next 50cc AC (après '99), Booster Next 50cc AC (avant '99), Booster One 50cc 2013, Booster Rocket 50cc AC, Booster Spirit 50cc AC (avant '04), Booster Track 50cc AC, Stunt 50cc AC, Stunt 50cc AC CAT (après '04), Stunt Naked 50cc AC

    BW's 50cc AC, BW's 50cc AC (après '04), BW's Bump 50cc AC, BW's Easy 50cc 2013, BW's NG 50cc AC (après '99), BW's NG 50cc AC (avant '99), BW's Spy 50cc AC, Slider 50cc AC (avant '04), Slider 50cc AC CAT (après '04), Spy 50cc , Target 50cc, Zuma 50cc AC, Zuma II 50cc AC

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  16. jaguar

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    What exhaust pipe and carburetor did you mate to it?
    Problem with this kit is that it's made for high RPM use which is evident on the dyno showing its powerband from 9000 to 12,000 RPM. That is also evident by the exhaust duration of 190 degrees. The 6mm thick plate he mentioned is for between the cylinder and the cases.
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  17. butre

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    50 isn't too big a deal with a 66cc. my race bike is capable of 50 on flat ground with a 40 tooth on a 24 inch wheel, or 62 with a 32 tooth (in theory at least, haven't tested, don't have a spare 32t or matching chain to put on it)

    or at least was, had to tear it down the other day to replace the rings and haven't had a chance to test it again. I know it's not going to do 50 at the moment since it's got fresh rings (ie massive blowby)

    lots of people have mildly modified bikes with tiny sprockets that do 50 but take an eternity to get there.
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  18. konix shiwa

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    I mate a fatty kx 65 pipeand a 24mm carb.
    Yes the RPM is a real problem,plus the china motor is not designed to support this so enormous increase of power, the cluch is going tu suffer, the crank also, you conna have heat pb ...
    but when you decide to go up this kind of project you know that Racing stuff is not for all days ride lol.
    For my configuration all days ride I had the same kind of cylinder but in 40mm bore, 17mm carb, jag cdi, it was less vibration, less noise, maximum reliability.
    yes the 6mm thick plate mentioned is for between the cylinder and the cases.
    Voila I think that kind cylinder for scooters is really better [FONT=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]and reliable than Chinese one, I recommend 40mm bore, but I would adore seeing somebody in USA to finalize a 47.6mm big bore hardcore racing version ![/FONT]
    here a picture of the 40mm bore cylinder i use before the MXS cylinder! athena 50cc.jpg
  19. konix shiwa

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    ps: mister jaguar, i realy love your work (
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  20. HeadSmess

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    to think they had them running like these...half a freakin century ago!

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