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    Bought a thatsdax 49cc 2-stroke kit. Put it on a 26" Roadmaster MB. Been following the forums for about 5 months (3 months before purchase). Bought it to save gas $$$ on small runs to my family's and freinds houses that are only a few miles away instead of using my 2002 F150.

    I live in SoCal, and oddly enough I get a lot of people looking at me when I ride my bike. I've gotten good responses from the ones that have talked to me. I know I get a lot of WTF looks, but that doesn't bother me.

    I plan to get solid innertubes to avoid flat tires/slime/leaks all together. I also plan to buy 26" road tires from wal mart instead of keeping the stock MB tires. I cant decide if I want to keep the stock sproket or get a smaller one for more speed.

    29MPH is the fastest i've gotten her to go (downhill), 19MPH (uphill), 22MPH flat land.

    At first these speeds don't seem fast, but after the first time you run out of gas and have to pedal home, you realize that even 11MPH with out pedaling is just fine.

    I also plan to eventually get an expansion chamber, SBP shift kit, and Boost Bottle.

    Not sure how much money I want to invest in an engine that doesn't have a high life expectancy. But, after this one fails I suppose I will go to the local hobby shop and order a replacement pocket bike 49cc engine and see how that baby handles on a MB.

    I currently run 35:1 as recommended by Duane from thatsdax. Have to get parts reshipped to me due to some defects (throttle, muffler, muffler gasket, muffler stud). But, I am happy with the buy, and today it was great to ride my bike (manually) up to the gas station with the oil already in the tank and fill her up for $1.47

    Too good :D

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Thommo..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome aboard..This is a great forum for everything you need and as you have already researched (smart) you most likely have most of the knowledge..Good luck and post some pics of your rides..See ya ENO (Oz)