Those looks like a great little engine. $60 Surplus Center

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    Wow! $60. Not bad for a stroker. I have done 3 FDs with weedwackers. All are different but if the output shaft is long enough should work. I may try one of these for my next. Nice lookin' little motor.
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    That's cheap for a 4 stroke!
    at that price, you could get 2 of them and make a dual engine frame mount set up.
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    Certainly a tempting price for a new little 4 stroke, not sure who made them for B&S but Sears used them on a line of now discontinued trimmers. I bought one at a yard sale last year for $5 after being told it didn't work, I thought I'd have a go at reviving it but it still sits on a shelf in the shop. I did find where others had problems with the clutch and overhung crank shaft/starter, which is probably why Sears dropped the line and why Surplus Center picked them up.

    But for the price perhaps they could be made direct drive sans clutch. B&S also branded a 34cc version that was discussed here:
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    Thanks Happy. Any more info on this Direct drive sans clutch? Thanks.
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    Gee CP, seeing your work on the fd page I thought I'd ask you, lol.
    No, nothing specific, remove the clutch and recoil and drive a roller right off the shaft, bump start, mount a swing arm to disengage, something like that. Cannonball on the other site goes crazy for this stuff, lol:
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    Cool! Thanks. I have seen that build. Very nice and simple. I like the clutch he made too.
    I thought maybe it was a kit of some sort.
    I would like to try a 4 stroke and see how much quieter it is. My homelite is loud wound up! Lol. Then again these FD's are good to start but I already have the bug to build a frame mount wiith the $100 HF motor.