Thought About Fabricating A Fuel Tank

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  1. Porkchop

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    I just got a thought. Has anyone taken a propane cylinder like the ones you use in camping stoves/lanterns etc. and fabricated a fuel tank from it ? I'm sure it would take a little welding or whatever to fabricate a filler neck and petcock connection, but at least it would be something inexpensive to start with. And they're small enough to where you could fabricate a fiberglass shell around it and make a descent looking custom tank. Just a thought. I've never seen any mention if this idea here on the forum. I might try it one day.
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  2. darwin

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    How bout one of those qt size coleman gas containers?
  3. Porkchop

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    I think we're talking about the same thing here.
  4. Big Red

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    Gas Tank

    Hey Porkchop, You can make a tank out of anything that will hold gas without melting or leaking. I've seen tanks made out of pony kegs and all sorts of cool stuff. Go for it. The worst that could happen is it don't work and you've wasted your time. and nobody gets hurt either way.
    Big Red.
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    BigRed, I know. I look and read here as well. The thought of a propane tank just hit me last night. Like I said, it's at least something to start with and recycling too. I just thought I'd throw the idea on the table for everyone who hadn't thought of it in case they might want to use one. It would be an easy inexpensive mod for those that have the knowledge and fabrication tools. I have a couple of welders but don't know how to use them. I've been onsidering going to TEC school and taking a welding course just so I can do my own stuff.
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  6. motorpsycho

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    hey porkchop...
    I have just the thing for you to make a tank out of.
    it's similar to a small propane tank but it's made out of aluminum that could be polished to look like chrome.
    It's actually part of the a/c system off of a semi truck.
    it has a schrader valve port which could be used to put in a petcock or fuel line and it has an open neck that could accept a push on lid of some sort.
    if you want to see a pic of it, let me know.
  7. Big Red

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    Two welders and don't know how to use them? I know how,give me one. :jester:
    Big Red.
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    How about I keep my welders and you teach me how to use them ? Can you do that over the phone or internet ?
  9. Porkchop

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    Thanks ! I think I know what you're talking about, but I'm not in the market for a fuel tank. I just started this thread to maybe help anyone else with an idea. I think you just added another good idea for others to consider as well. Hey, that's what we're here for isn't it ?
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    Never thought of a gas tank but I have thought of using the longer ones for muffler bodies.

    One thing for sure, extreme caution need be taken evacuating all the gas from the cylinders or else you have one of these go off on you.
  11. Big Red

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    Sorry Porkchop, I'm not really a "pro". I'm sure you could find someone, like on U-Tube or wherever, that could show you how better than I could.
    Big Red.
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    before touching a gas bottle with a grinder or welder, either...

    get a bottle of c02/argon/nitrogen...whatevers cheap, and purge the cylinder. OR shove a hose up a mowers exhaust,give it some choke, and stick the other end in the cylinder!

    replace oxygen with something that doesnt burn and you will be able to see the dr if anything else goes wrong later :) eyes are nice to hang on to...

    even after 3 yrs out in the yard with the valve open, an old lpg cylinder can catch fire!

    (and the "welding tips and tricks"....jody? possibly one of the best online sources of info ;) makes it look easy!)