Thoughts About Major Re-Construction

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by gone_fishin, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i've tried about everything...i'm getting tired of being sooo locked down on the posting, the techie info is so important to me & to the growth of the movement, and worth protecting, even at the cost of lower signup rates.

    boy, i wish we'd have just used a huge main directory from the start...

    like it or not, i have to go into expansion-mode, here's what i have in mind:

    -open the "happy-time owner's manual" and put everything 2-stroke frame-mount in there exclusively from then on. then i will never ever have to worry about repeat topics again, it could get messy, but it won't be on me.

    -allow "general disscussion" to become an on-topic MB-moshpit about any style, it sorta is now anyways. then all MB-staff will have to worry about is content-policies.

    -put "heritage lane" down in "other issues" because it's a cool forum

    -move all whizzer stuff to it's own forum in the main area.

    -merge "archived" articles into the happy-time area.

    give whizzer, electric, & rackers 3 forums each. gallery/general/q & a. even if they're empty for a long time, we'll be ready

    easily moderated: anything out of genre will simply be deleted.

    somehow, i have to find a way to bring folks into the group in a way that doesn't create too much ripple in the tech-info, holding everygroup(sub-genre) responsible for keeping their own stack of manuals organized might help. i wanna be able to chuckle at a newbie's first posts instead of sweating them, so i'm going to seperate all the engine/drive types. then we'll let the sub-group manage the clutter.

    i'd just as soon not be so hard*** but unless we come up with something that takes the moderating-pressure off (not complaining, just reasoning out loud), i feel like i better stay the course.

    any thought/suggestions/input?

  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    i have read this post 3 times. I am trying to visualize what you want to do.
    I am all for anything to help reduce the work load. I like the zones we patrol, but I hardly ever cruise tech/mech, intro, traveling,etc. just for fun.

    augie, you are the man. You've been the watchdog over us, like full time!!
    It looks like you have a plan. I am here for can I help?
  3. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    Augi, I can feel your pain. This is one of the reasons I waited so long to post anything. At first I thought you were a little harda**, until i realized what you are taking on. I have the same thing in my line of work training the new guys....something that seems so obvious to me is totally foreign to them. I'm not forum savvy enough to be much help, or I would. I'd be more of a pain myself, so consider this moral support if any thing. Thanks for your patience.

  4. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    What he said:lol:

    I am here to help any way I can
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    what they said :lol:
  6. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    What you guys do is amazing considering the flow of mixed up, improperly titled garbage that rolls through here.
    Where in the heck would you put an thread that has the title "wow look at this"?
    If I thought I could be of any help or if you thought I could be of help, let me know.
    I would probably make more of a mess though.
  7. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Sounds okay to me.
  8. DougC

    DougC Guest

    The only way to make it easier to moderate is to reduce the number of forums. Making more different forums is just going to give people more wrong places to start topics.

    How about forums for "general", whizzer, chinese/frame mount, electric, and rack-mount. Each of these would allow general talk, tech problems as well as gallery posts: gallery post titles to be proceeded by the word [GALLERY], and tech info posts to be proceeded by the word [PROBLEM], so that they can be easily searched. One could then search for problems with a specific engine type, or you could search the entire site, and get results of all problem threads. If you wanted galleries, you could do the same thing--you could search for galleries of electric bikes, or you could search the entire site for galleries.

    I assumed that "heritage lane" was for vintage stuff, but people have been putting non-vintage stuff in there. :confused:

    The "commuting" and "travel" forums can be rolled into one without much pain.

    Insisting that new people post in the "introduction" forum is odd, I haven't run across that on any other forum. With any web forum you see a lot of one-post registrations, and end up with a lot of inactive/presumed-dead accounts every year, there's no way around that except to purge the dead accounts yearly.
  9. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    i think no matter how you organizes the forum ,and even if you find the most simple way to do it ,there is still the learning part for new and older members ,,so then the question is how do you get the word out on what you think is important for all to know ,,,,,
    when you open up mbc. page you see a page full of headers ,,the fonts are the same , is like any other forum ,and all the important information is there somewhere that you want people to read before they post,,read ,read ,read

    its allot easier to listen ,listen,listen , so when you finish house cleaning or what ever you call it ,, make a 10 or 15 minute video of augi siting beside your bike and talk a bit about the new hobby mb ,that keeps it interesting ,and give a 15 minute lesson on the forum and point out the problems and what you think is important to keep it organizes ,
    so then remove the sticker ,,"" before you post "" and in place of it in big colored letters "'
    ',video , meet augi ,and help us make the forum better """

    ,a picture is worth 1000 words .,and so is voice and video ,education is the key
  10. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    I'm for anything K.I.S.S. related especially as it relates to admins and mods being freed up to enjoy the forum as users and members rather than full time enforcers. Everybody has a life with all that that entails... jobs, family, friends, laundry, housework, riding time... things get complicated sometimes regardless of our best intentions... I remember when our admins and moddys laughed and smiled and interacted with us a lot more than they do today; now, for them it's like being at a job and I feel their stress. Whatever you decide Augi don't forget that you need "me-time".
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    thanks, guys...i'm reading and paying attention...we certainly have to do something.

    thing is, when i see the 6 out of 10 members that do get it right (or at least are being responsible new members and trying) i have to wonder if we should lighten up...see the latest 4 or 5 new intros to realize it mostly works.

    to answer one new member's concerns about how tough we are on the new member: the welcome message, our stickies, the rules & policies...all chock-full of good advice and guidance on forum-usage, but it requires reading and learning. we've done our part to help the new folks, all we ask is reciprocal effort. pretending you know how to do something when you don't isn't the way to learn, it impresses noone, and in this case the practice makes more work for the staff. when i come in and have to spend an hour chasing down a new member who's riding rough-shod over the directory, i don't feel like being very nice about it, & why should i? this isn't a forum on how to use forums (altho we do have one barely-used forum where you can ask for and get help)'s a no-nonsense specialty board about motoredbikes, period. the reason the place hasn't imploded under it's own weight is because of tough content & placement a bit about our history and growth before criticising, or at least try to offer up doable solutions.

    my reasoning behind splitting up the sub-genres is that it will be far easier to spot off-topic posts and much easier to moderate (off-topic/genre will be deleted, easy-cheesy)

    keep talkin' to me, i'm listening, and thanks again :cool:
  12. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Don't ya wish you could just hit the easy button?
    Before coming to this site I thought a Forum was a place in Greece where they held games.
    I am not computer illiterate, in fact my wife and I owened our own computer tutor and repair shop, but I did not realize how in depth the operations of a Forum were.
    I have been guilty many times for running off the thread (Just ask Dave), but now that I realize how messed up and unorganized that makes it for everyone, I have really been watching my step, or at least trying.
    I hope that more options in the menu will make it easier. It will at least break things down to a more definative approach for Newbies.
  13. beast775

    beast775 Guest


    i think that a section where noobies have to go first is important,and if they dont have any use for the site delete them,if that would have happened to me ,which it almost did mbc thought i was someone they didnt want on the site but i wasnt this person so i told them.:shock:i would have used the information and fixed what was wrong so i could have used the site.if its not important to them i doubt they will be usefull on the site.but augis post seems good,im all for it.
  14. Just my 2 cents, but I think the best forum format is one that imitates 'real time' or real life ... Excuse my critique but a fun gathering of people WELL before computers was ... well, varied and spontaneous .... who better than the fellow hobbists you like are the listening ears you want to run to when when you just learned something troubling, exciting, confusing, etc ..... How to title my "just wanna say hi !" post sooo carefully so I'm sure it can be found in "search" .... jeez, it's my topic of today ! Nobody wants to see everything everyone is saying for months to come .... BUT we DO I think want to read spontaneous news, fears, sadness, and even wit ... today. and easily. Why sub and sub sub topic. I know if the title is "my new bicycle horn" I either care or don't care and can skip it here and now .... rather than going to something like "new devices and noveltys" ,,, and THEN skipping it just as readily as I could have right in general discussion. "Jay Leno raves about the boost bottle on HIS motorized Whizzer bicycle !!" ... Is this general discussion ? Off topic ? Wild in the streets? or the Whizzer section ? ... I think sometimes a forum can take its organization a bit overboard ... However to be fair, I have never moderated and I'm unaware of what former problems existed in the first place to create the need of so many pigeon hole segmentations which may have been made necessary because perhaps forums just CANNOT encourage relaxed spontanaiety ... all I know is I'd like to be able to tell everyone that "Britney Spears stopped her car to look at my bike today," and here's an idea for a new invention !!, and even "Hey guys ! Nostradamus awoke today !!" without finding out I have broken 12 Forum rules ....
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  15. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    it's about collecting and trying to organize usable techie info...the original MBc goal was to provide a manual...little did Tom or i know that there would be so many different manuals!

    briefly, would we still exist, would we have sponsors, would we be influencing makers and sellers, if we hadn't kept content as tight as possible? i think no.

    our evolution has been influenced by the high value of the great info you all post, and the need to protect it for further effectiveness. the cost, of course, is low sign-ups and a "repressed" social aspect. the huge plus, in my opinion, is that we only attract (and keep) the best of the best.

    honestly, if you're not into the format, i'd rather you didn't join...not to worry, tho, because we have worked very hard to keep the place usable by the lurker. look more closely...of the dozens of moves/edits/deletes that occur every day, only a small few are made examples of...i don't think the group as a whole should sweat this so much, we're not all upset to be doing the regular chores of moderation...but when someone comes along and indicates within their 1st hour that they're capable of blowing the whole thing to heck, i shut 'em down and i do it hard. i used to nicely PM or discretely move the newbie's stuff, nice just wasn't cutting it, the member would move on around my friendly reminder as if i hadn't said a word.

    the biggest obstacle is that the internet has moved forward with new formats that mimic forum structure but are more social in design. the new internet user isn't too hip on forum structure or usage, heck, they're not even too hip to plain old manners & courtesy, far as i can tell. they hit MBc and see a service site, and therefore view the staff as customer-service personnel. once that mistake is made, the stage is set...if they don't get it even after our best efforts, then i don't want 'em around.

    real-life? how can we be real-life unless we hold folks to the same standards we would if this was real-life? walk into my garage and treat me like carp, get thrown out by the scruff of your neck...try to elbow your way back in or abuse staff for enforcing rules of conduct, in real life you'd be more than banned, i tellyawut.

    btw-in "real-life" the staff wouldn't be left on their own to deal with "real-life" our buds would gather 'round and back us up when a jerk-noob comes along. i've tried sitting back and waiting for that to happen, but what i see instead is a membership that just posts right along with the OT or frivolous post. you want real-life? so do i.
  16. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    just went back and read a little bit more of the feedback:

    read the forum captions, they will give you a good idea of where content belongs. the caption for "heritage" states that whizzer info should be posted in there. the caption for "picture gallery" states that only members motoredbikes belong in there, yet we daily move something out.

    read the forum captions and stop sweating it so much.
  17. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    this is the current "welcome message" all new arrivals receive:

    Augi, from your reply, I guess I don't understand and it sounds like I owe you an apology if I've offended. I'm sticking to posts only about bicycles I guess from now on. I can't compete with your comp skills either but I offer only the following question: The above Kawasaki Vulcan forum I am a member of is also as you are, VERY serious about the hobby. these bikes are 15,000 each and they too are not fooling around with thier love of this bike. But we post, we answer each person specifically, and it is all so seamless. Are Forum setups different ? varied ? Easier ? I didn't feel like a newbie there even when I WAS a newbie. I don't know why ... But I do all the things I mentioned above, ...and so does everyone else .... but its all there .... all saved, and all as serious and dedicated as at this site ....
  19. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    Personally, I think less is more. Less forums if it's become a work load problem for everyone... And if something is mis-posted... Is it that big of a deal? It's the best sight on the WEB but it's not worth it if you are sitting in front of your computer 24/7 and taking time away from family and friends. Just my 2 cents.
  20. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    moto'...i appreciate what you're pc may be here most of the time, but i'm only in and out. i have a fairly nifty personal life, the forum only enhances it & has in fact helped it take a healthier direction than ever before.

    wiz' matter where this goes, unless someone was trying to purposely offend, i'm taking no offense.

    what i'm proposing by expansion is to allow for the tight techie stuff, but also make a general and social area i don't care one bit about beyond language.

    i'm not sure anyone who hasn't been reading and posting from day one can truly grasp the significance...this young forum has already made some small impact on a global market. now, that's not exactly where we were heading, but doggone it, it's happening, it's significant, and i personally feel it's worth prioritizing.

    social free-for-all with a separate tight techie area...i'm all for it.