Thoughts/Advice on my build plan


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Mar 16, 2018
Hello all,
First off I would like to introduce myself as I am new to this forum. I am a High Schooler that is interested in engines and racing and all that. A few months back I got a bike kit and installed it on my bike. Worked fine, but always ran into a new issue every week. Now I've given up on it as the engine barely fits on my frame, and the chain rubs against the back of the frame. It was just to much of a hassle. Now my birthday is coming up, and using my birthday funds as well as what I got in the bank I would like to make a new build where I do everything right and it's not so throw together. I can use some of the parts from my old build, but I wonder what you guys think about throwing together the following (Links included for your researching pleasure).

1. The Bike: Engine-Ready Motorized Bike (

I'm debating only getting the new bike and transferring everything over. I've also considered only buying the frame and buying all custom parts to make it 'unique'. However, I think I'll save that for my next build because it's so hard to find details about it I think i'd shoot myself If I tried to go about that now.

As far as Upgrades go:
I'd really like to do my own porting, and I would love to design/fabricate my own expansion chamber as well, I just don't have the necessary tools to go about that. So instead I've found these parts that look good to me

2. The Engine: Zeda GT7 Stage 2 (

3. The Exhaust: SBP Expansion Chamber (

4. The Carb: Not sure yet, open to suggestions

I might end up getting a shift kit at some point as well, but that will come later down the road. Thank you all so much for your expertise, I hate the lack of online resources available for all this stuff, SO much of what I learned was learnt fixing things that broke on my first build. But you know what they say, Anything worth having isn't easy.

I'm open to any suggestions y'all have about how to make a legit build. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciate.

Thanks Again,
All of those are great choices (except maybe the exhaust, it's a bit much to start with seeing you don't know the ways of tuning just yet, and being you can get a pretty damn good expansion chamber for these motors at a much better price.) going with a jackshaft would be the best bang for your buck, and let's you run the motor at lower rpms while still having decent speeds and power on hills.

A stock carburetor is probably fine, I prefer what is basically a generic dirt bike carburetor that is toted as a big improvement and often called a Cns or some other racing type carb bs, when looking at the ones "for these bikes" they are grossly overpriced but when finding the same exact thing for use on a 30 year old dirt bike the price suddenly drops to 20-25 dollars. In other words if you are looking for upgrades take the pricing with a grain of salt as an indicator of the quality. Bike berry and other vendors will rape you out the ass on prices just because they can get away with it. I'm glad you actually went ahead and sought out quality parts from actual reputable vendors. Says enough about what you should be capable of.

The China girl is highly problematic, toss in cheap parts and greasy bolts that don't stay tight and you'll find that it the weekly ritual makes sense. If you get very good things and double check everything and use common assembly sense you can reduce the number of failures you come across. If you don't go with a jackshaft but use that bike you can bolt the sprocket to the rear wheel where the brake rotor goes and better space it to keep the chain off the tire.

You seem like you should be fine otherwise, there's not much advice that can be given if you actually have a brain for working on these mechanical toys, most important part is simply proper maintenance, if you do that much and do it right then for the most part problems shouldn't come up except for the consumables (tires, chains, brakes, crankshaft gaskets, and once in a while a top end change.)

Good luck, be wise, have fun.