thoughts for a fuel tank



i was thinking of making my own fuel tank, does any one knoe if gas will eat through abs(black plastic) pipe or it's glue cause with the right fittings you could make a mean looking tank
Plastic gas tank

Hi Wayde, I dunno exactly what he used, but as I disassemble the blue Whizzer (it's still raining here), I'll look and see if the tank is ABS or PVC. my customer made the tank at least 6 mo ago, and it's not disolving.

It's an excellent idea to know how to make your own fuel tank...i too would be interested in any peeps comments,particularly those who have done it in ABS/PVC...or however.
sorry, i don't...but i'll be watching and hopefully learning something new with this topic :)
well i put a shotr piece of abs together with two caps after filling with gas so now all i can do is sit and wait to see i'll keep you all posted
ABS melts, PVC does not.

ABS will dissolve in gasoline. PVC will not. I've been trying to come up with a tank to fit under my banana seat, so I just researched that. Pipes are tough to mount and make aesthetically nice. Thought about using a small fire extinguisher too. I'd prefer a box of some kind but it's not worth the time/expense to fabricate one and have yet to find one I can adapt.