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    Soo... Manson was way before my time, like most things. I thought he was 100% lunatic, but he makes sense a good bit of the time.

    Wondering what you older guys remember as "facts" from the case. He repeatedly says that he didn't even get to put on a defense, or call one witness. What's up with that?

    - Some speech of his
    - Interview with Geraldo Rivera
    - Interview with Ron Reagan Jr.

    I also had no idea that he was a musician... and a good one at that.

    - Great song... Angels Fear to Tread
    - Trippy song... Cease to Exist & The Cult Song
    - Soothing song... People Say I'm No Good
    - And my personal favorite... The Soul Master

    I just never knew he was so talented. I never knew that he had and still has this huge following of young folks. He gets more mail than any other inmate ever, and kids are still asking him for advice. What is wrong with this picture?!? If The MAN didn't want people to act like him, why would they give him the opportunity to remain an idol by letting people interview him. Don't give him a defense, but give him fame... much better.

    All that being said... I'm sure Manson is right where he belongs, and society would never be capable of handling his ideas or getting on his "level".

    He's just too fascinating for society.

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    Look... another post where RC mentions nothing other than sparky. I'm gonna have to start a tally in my sig.

    What's your opinion on him, RC? Opinions on his philosophy and music? Do you have any opinions on anything besides me?
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    Sparky, genius is often seen as madness, and madness mis-seen as genius. This is true simply because the greatest majority of people are incapable of grasping the mind of madness (thankfully) and intellectually incapable of following the thoughts of genius. Such has always been true, and likely will always be true.

    As for why Manson is permitted to engage in his huge correspondence, it is simple and was openly stated by the Director of the California Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitation back in the late 1970's - all incoming and outgoing correspondence is read before Manson receives it or it goes in the postal system, and the CDCR maintains a log of the names, addresses, and any "special concern" issues raised in such correspondence. That information is made available to law enforcement.

    Manson is nothing but a Judas goat.
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    I have listened to Manson's album years ago. If I remember correctly, I quite enjoyed it. Can't listen now as the Noobtube as RC calls it is a restricted site @ work. Will find it and download it tonight.
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    Charlie Manson's Album

    Here you go Sparky. Now you don't have to be dependent on YouTube for your Manson fix.:devilish:

    download for "LIE: The Love and Terror Cult"
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  16. Mountainman

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    yes he wasn't even there when the killings happened
    but he told them to do it
    and after many years of getting to know him even better
    it's a waste of tax dollars keeping him alive

    he's a hero to none on the mountain top
  17. sparky

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    I just feel sorry for him. He could have been a great leader if someone had cared for him when he was younger.
  18. Mountainman

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    bleeding hearts

    we are not going to be bleeding our hearts out for this guy are we ???

    he is a sick puppy who would not have been a great leader to anyone..........

    that poor THING !!!!
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    I'm sure that there would be a position for him in the OhBahMah administration. Maybe he could be the "end of life counseling czar".
  20. sparky

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    How do you know what he woulda been like if he had parents or guardians that loved him, and just hugged him every once in awhile?? Are you God? Do you know what he woulda been like raised in every type of loving household that exists? Are you saying that a Christian family wouldn't have been able to turn him into a good leader or teacher? He's said it a million times that you only see a reflection of yourselves, of your own society. If society were intent on correcting him, he never woulda been in jail when he was younger... and his mom woulda been able to ask someone for help.

    Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

    If a child is around people who treat him like carp, and theft is the only thing he knows... what do you expect him to do?? I'd highly recommend you guys watch this interview with Tom Snyder. That's the only interview I've seen him not TRYING to act crazy, which he's obviously trying in those other interviews... because that's what everybody expects, and they keep coming back to see him. It almost makes you wonder if he really was only trying to tell those kids to do what they wanted... and Watson took that the wrong way and got the other kids involved. Manson is obviously misunderstood, and they didn't give him a defense... they allegedly wouldn't let him cut his hair so that he'd look crazy, and, supposedly, the prosecutor enjoyed saying he was so short, at 5'2", because it's almost a negative superlative and makes people think he has mind powers... when in actuality, he was prolly 5'6", 5'7". Why do "officials" want to make him out to be something he's not? Same reason they'd fake Bin Laden tapes, I guess... society just needs a scapegoat every once in awhile.

    That Synder interview is the best one around. Pretty crazy. Manson looks about as honest as he's ever been, and he consistently admits to things that he's done against people [and he says honesty is the most important thing to him], so why wouldn't he admit to the Tate/LaBianca murders? His story seems pretty consistent to me, while the prosecutor's story doesn't. I woulda thought he was guilty of conspiracy if it weren't for this interview... :-/