Thoughts on Gasket Sealant...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sparky, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. sparky

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    Good idea?

    I bought some years ago that I never used, but I just figured it'd get messy if I need to take things apart, but... then again... maybe I wouldn't need to take things apart if they were sealed properly.

    Those of you who have used it... was it really a good idea. Or do you just keep it clean from now on??

    Exhaust only? Intake, too??

  2. retromike3

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    Gaskets, we don't need no stinking Gaskets!

    Well , actually you do need them but, the question is what for? I used gasket sealant when I rebuilt my engine on the lower half of my boy-wont-go and it sealed until something else went BANG! I don't have any on my intake or exhaust gaskets. I have the alloy exhaust gasket from SBP because it works quite well without it.

  3. sparky

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    Good one.

    One of my motors came with a plastic intake manifold and a paper exhaust gasket. The other came with an metal intake manifold and an alloy exhaust gasket.

    I guess those are two good questions to ask your dealer. ;

    No sauce on the intake gaskets?
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    Due to the outstanding :eek:o2ps: shoddy craftsmanship on these engines, there seems something left to be desired.
    Head gasket.. Mill head, copper kote,
    Base gasket.. Sealant..I use Indian Head..why? I have a bottle I've had for years. Any good sealer is fine. No gasket = a little more compression.
    Case gasket.. Haven't done one but I'd use a case gasket..Why? Read the first sentence of post. If I ever had to split a case I'll mill both halves.
    Intake.. Gasket or RTV
    Exhaust.. Gasket,yes. Sealant..No. Sealant will get toasted from the heat.
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  5. SlugMan

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    The problem I ran into was finding a high temp gasket maker that was recommended for being in contact with gas... I went to autoparts stores and a couple of other places, but could not find any product that was recommended to be in contact with gas at a high temp. Read the label it will state, "Not recommended to be in contact with gas"
    Their is probably a product out their, but I didnt find it.
    Hmmm, not sure if I should tell ya this, but I did end up using some, and have had no problems... Yet :)
    I do have the SBP exhaust gasket. If I would of know it was made so nicely, I would have ordered several more at the same time.