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    so i was thinking about running nitrous on these 2 stroke engines. since when you run nos you have to have extra fuel to balance, i was wondering what if you incorporated a small propane cylinder to spray at the same time as the nitrous. im know theres an added risk seeing as how you would have a propane tank strapped on there some how. i think it would be a way to not have to run too rich when off boost or run lean when on boost. i know that propane burns at a different rate than gas/oil tho so it might need more thinking. im just spit ballin here so im interested in hearing peoples thoughts on the matter.


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    no, propane would have the same effect as the nitrous, just without as much bang.
    adding propane woudl just lean it out even more.
    Whenever you run nitrous to a gasoline burning engine you need to add gasoline to richen up the mixture.
    Nitrous is not flammable and it acts as an accelerant to the gasoline making it burn a lot faster and hotter.
    since the nitrous acts as an accelerant, you need to add more gas...more gas, burning twice as fast as normal equals big power.
    the more gas you can cram into the cylinder, the bigger than bang will be and the more power it will make.
    the nitrous helps the gas burn faster which increases power and rate at which the engine will make rpms.
    adding nitrous by itself will lean out the mixture too much and can burn a hole in the piston.
    I've had 3 drag cars, all with nitrous so i have experience playing around with it.
    when you run a lot of nitrous (like 150 horsepower & up) you have to add a separate fuel pump just for the gasoline solenoid.
    so you have the fuel pump for the engine by itself, and then you have a solenoid for the nitrous. Then you have a separate electric fuel pump and solenoid for the extra gasoline needed for the nitrous. Everything must be under pressure because it gets injected into the engine through jets and a spray bar under the carb. on a car engine, you have to be runnign at least 7 psi of fuel pressure for the nitrous, but the nitrous itself comes out at like 850 psi.
    you have to have a steel crank and forged pistons when you run 150 or more h.p. of nitrous because it can be very hard on the pistons and the crankshaft.
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    im still unsure how the propane would act the same as the nitrous. its a fuel and not an oxidizer. i do understand that propane is not as powerful as gasoline. i was just thinking that it would be a fairly easy fuel to add in seeing as how it would be difficult to inject more fuel through the carb without having to constantly readjust on the fly. that just sounds impossible haha.

    maybe a small pump and jet to spray in a little bit of fuel just past the carb while boosting. that still sounds pretty difficult to get adjusted to the correct amount as well. i just think theres gotta be some way to get around the leaning out or off boost richness.
  4. Chalo

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    Sounds like a good way to break stuff. These Chinese-made motors are so crude and cruddy, it's a wonder they work even at stock power outputs.

    If you get a really good two-stroke like a Morini, you already have more power than a bicycle was ever intended to withstand.

    I guess I don't see the appeal. It's relatively cheap and easy to simply buy a motorcycle with 50 to 100 horsepower (that won't break when you use that power, and has brakes and suspension to match the power output).

    Motorized bikes honor the principle of "less is more". So wouldn't it be better to figure out how to make them work smarter and not harder?

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    I run NOS and it seems to work pretty good if you jet it properly. I think that because these engines already run rich than you have the extra fuel that it needs
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    propane would work...setting the mix is awkward and most propane fittings are bulky...

    but...think "elcheapo airbrush" spraying petrol with nos as the "compressed air". just needs a needle valve for the fuel and a valve on the nos :D. then mounted via a hole into the intake manifold.

    works. done. ages ago. the cannisters cost too much...even by gettin them direct from hostel suppliers, too expensive for anything but a HA HA now and again...

    i luuuurve having a lathe :p