Thoughts on the death trap

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Chopper bicycles, Aug 14, 2016.

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  2. Frankfort MB's

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    That rake though:D
  3. Chopper bicycles

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  4. Chopper bicycles

    Chopper bicycles New Member

    Its coming along
  5. jaguar

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    you're going to bend those forks so fast with the extra weight and speed that it isn't even funny.
    dress for the crash
  6. Chopper bicycles

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    They seem very strong so fat hit some serious pot whole the other day no bends or breaks yet fingers crossed
  7. Chopper bicycles

    Chopper bicycles New Member

    I also used rool bar tube that goes up into the old bicycle tube quit far
  8. CrazyDan

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    Tubes inside of tubes sounds extra strong. What did you do to fit the tubes inside of them tubes? Pressure fit? Epoxy? Weld? Hope that headtube is up to the task. They aren't really meant for side to side pressure, walls might bulge out on you. Keep an eye on that. Maybe get a pipe that has a larger OD but same ID, weld that in and fit the cups in. I dig the look, but (not hating on your weld skills, bike might last 10 motors) I wouldn't feel safe doing over 15 mph on it :p.
  9. Chopper bicycles

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    They are welded togeather iam a first time welder if u couldnt tell lol lots of body filler but yea i swerv the pot holes and where safty gear and dont go full speed but its a fun ride
  10. JunkyardDog

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    In theory it will work. The 2 main problem areas are the strength of the forks, and the steering head. When I was a kid I had the local farm mechanic build a chopper out of my Schwinn Sting Ray the same way. Changing the steering head angle, and lengthening the forks. It never broke, but I weighed about 120 pounds back then, and there was no motor on it. I would add some gussets around that steering head. It is more likely to fail than the forks. Bicycles tend to be built out of pretty thin weak tubing, and changing the rake like that puts an incredible amount of stress on it. No matter how good the welding is, the frame material itself may not be able to withstand the stress, and will eventually crack. Motorcycle choppers often used girder type forks, which were a lot stronger than straight tubes.