Thousands Protest Global Warming

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    Okay, maybe I should have posted this in the White Zone, but I just had to introduce some levity into what has become such a serious section of MBc. :grin5:

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    I dunno.....the one on the left looks pretty p*ssed. :grin5:
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    I think its ironic how so many who want to tax the h eck out of me or ban my 2st engines are in support of overpopulation, tribute payments to hostile countries, and they usually drive oversized gas guzzlers. I'm just a peaceful guy on a little bitty bike with a little bitty motor. If "everybody was just like" me, the climate wouldn't be a problem, resources wouldn't be scarce, and Americans would have room to breathe. Cheers.
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    maybe the guy in front of him farted, he looks pretty embarrassed :ack2:

    (it's ok to say fart, right?)
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    Guess so........I mean .... this IS the *Green* thread.....isn't it??? :jester:
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