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    Last nite I went in search for information about issues concerning the 142 four stroke engine. I had particular interest in carburetor issues as my engine, the 142, had started showing signs of stalling and running rough.
    Well I found some very disheartening blogs but for the most part my search provided me with good insight as to the vast possibilities.
    I made a "Party foul" though, as I just learnt from blogger Darwin, people get mad when you tag in on their blog?
    Well I just didn't know it was a bad thing but do now. Thanks Darwin.
    I did take the offered advice others had already done on their bikes and this is how that went.
    1st I removed the carburetor filter and cleaned it. Not so bad.
    2ad I attempted to remove the screw at the bottom of my muffler. It was a standard / Phillips screw, and I started with the standard, it stripped.
    I then went to the Phillips, it stripped.
    I then tried channel locks, no good.
    So now I say "well there are only two bolts holding the thing on to the engines head take it off, it will make it easier to remove the other screw holding the baffle in.
    First bolt no problem, second bolt is halfway out when it starts to seem to be tightening up. THEN IT SNAPPED IN HALF! Leaving half in the head!
    Not going as planned.
    I was first to Home Depot this morning as I have to have this thing running for wrk at 5:30am Monday and most of my tools are at work. Well my taps and dies and most wrenches and the like.
    After the run I'm able to drill out the remaining half of the bolt and tap a new one and all's good?
    No! I still have that ONE SCREW! So now I attack it, it will not budge! The cap its holding in please even
    starts to show movement but not the dang screw!
    The heck with it I've already made one tap out what's one more?
    Well come to find out, the JACKLEG! Whom assembled my bike welded a peace of allthread to the baffle assembly then welded the top of a screw outside!
    I guess he didn't think I'd ever find out...
    What a tough two little screws!

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    If you can use SS replacement screws, they wont oxidize as bad to the base metal. Ace hardware has a nice selection of them.
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    Hey thanks Darwin that's just what I did. I had to improvise in the muffler however as the threaded rod the had welded to the baffle shaft did not penetrate the cover. I used a SS hasp that I had with SS selftapping screws. I'm gonna have to replace this muffler as the baffles are somewhat gone, I'm thinking its because of the welding?
    Anyway any thoughts on a replacement? The one I have seems a Tad wimpy.