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  1. Skyliner70cc

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    I stripped two bolt holes from repeatedly removing/installing the creative engineering clutch assembly-its for sale by the way since I don't care for the feel.

    I've never used a thread repair kit before and I was leaning towards buying a helicoil kit but heard how much of a pain they can be to use.

    I ended up with a Timesert thread repair kit and LET ME TELL you. It took me 10 minutes to fix both threads and I wasn't even rushing.

    This thing is pretty much idiot proof and allowed me to repair the threads without having to remove the engine from the bike. I am sold on this thread repair technology and highly recommend it to anybody who strips the thread on their bike. I would trust it on anything from engine mounts to head studs.

    Hope this helps someone as much as it has helped me.

  2. machiasmort

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    have puter, will google... LOL
  3. E J

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    Did ya use red locktight or did ya J B weld them in? I told ya they were the bomb! us old bikers are good for something LOL
  4. Mountainman

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    a heck of a statement !!

    a heck of a statement
    give us a call ((if)) they are still right and tight after 6 months to a year -- heavy riding

    then we know for sure -- we have something

    that that I had a hot date
    6 months later I couldn't remember her name ???

    always fun to ride those things !!!
  5. Skyliner70cc

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    The inserts should hold up well. They already have shown the ability to handle much more torque than the stock threads. I put a good 20 ft-lbs on them already. If I was doing headstuds, I would use a bigsert instead with JB weld.

    The are stronger than the stock thread for sure but I understand your pessimism, I'm a doubting Thomas too.
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  6. Happy Valley

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    I came across a vid on utube about six months ago on these. Interesting, IIRC they were developed in Germany, had a great vid with tech data and such. If they work as promised they'd be a boon to the home mechanic.
    What's the cost on these to get you started?
  7. machiasmort

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    just my two cents, even if its only worth one down south, helicoils should never be used unless you cant tap anything. i have seen a few hellicoil repairs in my few days......

    tapping is sleezy easy, just be sure to use some light oil and back out one turn for every 3/4 inwards to clear the cutter.

    you should have 3 sets of taps, a taper, a plug, and a finish. taper will make the first threads deep and clean, the plug tap will give you your uniform thread (and is usable) and the finish will really make it a pro job.

    always use plug taps for through holes.
  9. Happy Valley

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    There's many an instance where you cannot retap a bolt hole because you need to reuse the same size bolt.
  10. E J

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  11. Skyliner70cc

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    So far its working and I've been tearing up the bike with some offroad biking. I must be carrying about 20 lbs of mud on my frame :)
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  14. happycheapskate

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    NOTHING is idiot proof. lol. But it looks like a really solid product.

    I wonder how much you have to invest to collect starting tools. Probably more than a regular tap and die set. Ouch. Still probably cheaper than taking something to a mechanic these days.

    I had a pocket bike once and mechanics wouldn't even look at it. No one even wanted to help me patch a tire on it. Probably the same with these motor kits.