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  1. iam getting my kit soon and iam see that the engine mount bolts are threaded on both ends. can you use regular bolts ? and can you use blue loctite ?

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    I would like to hear the reply also. Yes I am waiting for an engine also. :D
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    you are talking about studs or allthread. if your kit is chin you should replace every one of them with fixtures from hardware store. get a stick of 6mm and 8mm allthread and an amount of 6mm and 8mm nuts and lock washers. a dremel tool is good to have cutting grinding and smoothing. the reason is that chin hardware stretches and breaks. also buy # 41 chain and throw origional away. use red locktite on studs and blue on nuts. mitch
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    Thank you :cool:
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    Those engine mount bolts are called studs and they are meant to be threaded on both sides. With that said, their quality is less than what is available in the USA and you should replace them with non-Chinese made ones.

    I get my all thread rod from True Value hardware.

    I also use replacement metric bolts (from Lowes or Home Despot), usually allen head ones, that are longer than the studs and use them as studs with locknuts, washers, and of course loctite. The allen head ones are black and blend in nice on the exhaust and intake manifold.

    I use blue loctite all of the time. To undue blue loctite, all you have to do is hit it with a torch for a few seconds and you can unscrew your bolts/studs.