Three months in the making.

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  1. Masor

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    FINALLY, after 3 months of fabrication, painting, welding, making, and breaking, my bobber is done. Still runs like ****, but that's fine for now. I'm just stoked that I finished it. The headlight is hooked up and works great! I welded my own expansion chamber and it was a night and day difference. BUT IT HAS NO BRAKES!! The band brake on that HD rim snapped. Great... What do you think about it?

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  2. dirtbikemike2435

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    from a young'ens point of view...THAT bike is sweet! :shout::tt1:
  3. HeadSmess

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    awww, not bad :) you have every right to be pleased as punch :)

    constructive criticisms (and i bet you already have a fairly long list of required mods...)

    the engine chain would be better with a jackshaft of some sort, or at least set the tensioner up differently. the way thats set up will cause major headaches. (yeah yeah, if you ran the tensioner on the bottom then the top would hit the engine case and yarda yarda... :p sort it out. the problem with bikes like this is you look like a git pushing em home when they break down... )

    the pipe looks nice and is a good bit of fabrication if you made it yourself, but.(always a but with me...)

    its too short. extend the centre portion to level with the rear edge of the cross or so. centre, the fattest point. (its too fat btw) ouch... nasty.

    id say it wasnt designed with the engine specs in mind...

    right, enough whinging :jester: im sure therell be mark 2, 3, 4... the bug has bitten! they only (usually) keep getting better with practice :) usually. ha ha. retro grades happen
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  4. Masor

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm still trying to work all the bugs out of it. I finally got it to run decently enough to where I don't have to fix it every two rides. I still need to fine tune the whole thing and maybe get a new carburetor for it.
  5. Big Red

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    Hey Masor, GREAT BIKE.
    I always have liked the choppers. EVERYBODY has a mountain bike with a engine thrown on it. But not everybody has a CHOPPER. COOL BIKE.
    I do have to agree with HeadSmess about the tensioner. It was'nt built to be used like that. I'm afraid you'll be replacing a worn out roller in a week or so. If you want to keep this design you might consider trying the new style sprocket tensioner. I have'nt tried one yet,(got one on order), But if the bearing in it will hold up I think it might work better for your application.
    I ordered mine off sleaze-bay, Some guy calls himself OLEKYHOME for $17.95 plus $7.95 shipping. Kind of expensive compared to a regular roller but looks like it could work.
    I can't wait to see what PHASE 2 looks like. (you do know you'll go there,right?)
    Big Red.
  6. Masor

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    Can you give me a link to those tensioners? I might look into buying one.
  7. Big Red

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    Didn't see a link. Just go to E-bay and type in BICYCLE SPROCKET CHAIN TENSIONER. There's only one guy selling it, on sleaze-bay anyway.
  8. pbeggs

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    nice imaginative build,.. it is screaming for a jackshaft, and a multispeed internal gear rear hub with drum brake, you have plenty of room to put a jackshaft and you should be able to fabricate one from a bottombracket houseing and a crankset and get a freewheeling crankset for the front bottom bracket, use a tenspeed crankset for the rear one (2 sprokets one for chain from jackshaft one for chain from pedals),..
    you are headed in the right direction though,.. im impressed very original

    get it running good and get more than one gear in the drivetrain and you will have a very cool bike (not that what you have now isnt totally cool)
  9. Big Red

    Big Red Active Member

    Sprocket tensioner

    I know, this thread is a couple months old. But I thought I'd let everyone know what the sprocket chain tensioner is all about.
    It looked like a GREAT idea at the time, and may still be for an experienced builder and rider. Using it for one of my customer builds was Not such a good idea. A newbie is not going to notice if the chain tensioner slipped or if the wheel is off center and the chain is not running true. If ANYTHING goes wrong and the chain is not running true then the sprocket tensioner will get chewed up by the chain in no time.
    I still think it's an OK idea for an experienced rider/builder, but not for the novice rider. There is no room for error with these things and will destroy themselves if they are run out of alighnment.
    The old style roller can be run "slightly off" and not destroy itself. Of course bad chain alighnment will soon also chew up sprockets, front and rear, and also the chain, but the sprocket tensioner destroy's itself in seconds when out of alighnment.
    It is sold by Bluegrass Motorsports and is built well with a H.D. bearing. you just REALLY have to keep it "true" with chain/sprocket alighnment.
    Big Red.
  10. Masor

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    I don't know what I did right with this build, but in the 5 months that I have ridden it before it blew up, the chain has never once slipped.
  11. Big Red

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    Hey Masor, Sorry to here about yer engine. Those chinese things are so easy to do a top end rebuild on you could blow it up every weekend, if you were rich, and have it running again by monday morning.
    Next time, try breaking it in real easy. Some say ya don't have to. Most say, at the very least, 2 or 3 tanks of gas.
    A friend of mine did a new install and rode it like a madman from the gate for almost a year. That motor is still running today and I'm gonna use it on my next personal build. another guy(a customer) did the same thing and blew it up in three day's. So you decide what's best.
    Anyway, Good luck with yer bike. hope ya got it running again by now.
    Big Red.
  12. Masor

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    It was a good engine too. An SD Stinger. The piston just crumbled. The crank was offset and it was wearing the wall away. I beat the crank back into position and it was good for 20 more miles. The engine blew up at 1600 miles. RIP.
  13. Big Red

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    Geeze dude, What kinda bad luck is that? Sounds like you have everything ready to go except the engine. Heck, if you were anywhere near me I'd set you up with most of the parts to put one together, just to get you back on the road. I've got a couple of good used lower units, A few decent pistons and heads. All you would need is a jug and some rings. I'm out of rings and just used my last good jug on another build.
    Look around on sleaze bay or craigslist for a good used or re-buildable engine. I see them every now and then. Some sellers will sell the engine ONLY but I think they still want around $100.00 or better for one.
    Good Luck,
    Big Red.
  14. TREEWK

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    Sorry about your engine failure.

    Where on Earth are you? lol

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  15. Masor

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    Just outside of Santa Barbara in California.