Three speed hubs.

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  1. rgm1960

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    Do three speed hubs work well with motors? If so, are some better than others? Thanks.


  2. wheelbender6

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    From what I have read, motor bikers like using the 3 speed hubs with a coaster brake with a jackshaft/shift kit on the street. The 3 spd wheel isn't dished like a derailleur wheel so broken spokes are less likely.
    If you don't have a shift kit, the extra gears will help with engine start.
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    welcome Ray...

    welcome to the forum...
    yes some hubs are better than others and in my opinion the older the better, this china junk is best left alone.
    connecting a motor to the drive train is one of the challenge to a good build.
    you should find your answers on this forum..
    good luck and enjoy.