three wheeler

what do yall think of this.the pictures r not up to has a different gas tank on it does 40 mph.


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yea exaust into frame.good eye.even tho u couldnt miss them ugly welds on the exuast runs really smooth at 40.corners r slow tho.i made this one for my brother.his three wheeler and motor off pocket labor and brains.he ways 240 and it totes him suprisingly well.
I quite like that bike. Very nice minimalist design. From the looks of those tires, with no fenders, I bet you can pretty much guess where he has been by looking at the stuff spattered all over him. Fun, I'd bet.

Got any more pics, from various angles?
this is botom needs paint badly but thats cosmetic.these pics r old.rite now it has a headlight and tail lights on it witch i run off the generator witch is the thing rite under the pull starter.the generator i s actually a starter/generator but i just use it for generator cause would have to have battery to use starter.


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I LIKE that, a lot. Mostly curiosity, with engine exhaust going into the frame tubing, where is the primary vent for that? As an aside, I hope you high temp epoxy coated the inside of the tubes the exhaust runs in - one of the reasons exhaust tubing rots/rust so quickly is the corrosive nature of the exhaust gasses.