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    Hi everbody,

    Just getting up on the motorbike scene and am thrilled. Very much looking forward to getting rigged and ripping down the the byways.
    I'm slowly putting things together to get going, so I would like for some of you to chime in on this and help me out, OK?
    I want to use a 2004 Raleigh c200 as the bike. I read somewhere that you shouldn,t use a bike with quick release hubs. Mine has got these. Also what 4 stroke engine would be good for this bike ?

    Also any other pointers for getting up and running would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. shawnshank

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    I highly recommend a Golden Eagle Bike Engine kit. I don't work for them, I just really love mine and highly recommend them. Check them out online.
    I have the tanaka 40cc 2 stroke kits and it's reliable, easy to install and fast.
    If it's a 4 stroke your looking for, they offer 4 stroke kits as well.
    Just make sure you measure your frame before you buy one to make sure it will fit your bike (they have instructions for doing this on their website).
    If you don't like the rack mounted look there are other types to choose from.
    You could build a front mount, a frame mount, a push cart style, friction drive or make your own. So many options to choose from.
    Have fun planning your's almost as fun as riding it.

    oh yeah...definately buy a solid axle with nuts on it for that rear wheel. You don't want that puppy coming off while your ripping down the byways. Haha!!

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  3. skweezit

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    Thanks for all this good info. Was a bit sidelined due to an unrelated injury, but want to get back on this thread. The tires are 700c x 35. Golden Eagle's website said these are not recommended.
    Also this is a 17" frame. so am I in the wind here, or can I make this bike work ?