Throttle cable help needed!

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by s_beaudry, May 28, 2009.

  1. s_beaudry

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    Just got my Titan XC50 delivered to me today and I am setting it up as a friction drive...

    Problem solved... I fixed the throttle cable!
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  2. Happy Valley

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    Do you just need to cut the cable housing back? It's not quite clear to me but if that is what you are asking it's quite simple.

    Remove the metal end piece form the cable housing, cut back the vinyl coating to the point you want, unwind the stainless coil guard the number of turns necessary to produce the length you're after and snip it. Replace the metal end piece.

    If those are the same cables with that kit that they were using a year ago they are too long and too stiff.
  3. s_beaudry

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    Got it...

    Thanks Happy Valley