Throttle cable keeps breaking in the handle

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by WingDing, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. WingDing

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    My throttle cable breaks just after the nub inside the handle. I only see one way that it goes together and *seems* starlight forward and simple..

    I replaced one this morning and it has already broken..

    I checked that the cable moved freely.. It isn't run at any extreme angles or pinched along the way.. it looks as if it has been bent back and forth until all the strands broke.

    Please tell me what noob mistake I'm making! :dunce:

    Thanks in advance..

  2. WingDing

    WingDing New Member

    Have I asked a dumb question or missed the answer in another thread?...

    I see views but no replies..
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    First off I want to welcome you to forum. Not only do we have a wide range of knowledgeable members.

    We have numerous “stickies” that cover just about any aspect on all MB’s, along with a “SEARCH” function. Although at times it isn’t the easiest to use. This is due to that the title of the post that isn’t specific enough. Posting titles like “Help” doesn’t help others doing a search, and I and others tend to pass them up at times, only going back a later time, which makes an answer longer to get.

    Should you have a question, and to make it easier on members, Please state specifics about your subject, such as if you have a engine problem, tell us what engine you have, along with any other important information that we night need to help you, like what carburetor you have, if known. A picture is always helpful. Like the saying goes….a picture is like a 1000 words, also we may see something that might needs to be addressed. Believe me; it happens more often then you think. We know that there are those that are not that knowledgeable, or are mechanically challenged (unusually, PC correct :>), so there is not a stupid question, although I do think that sometimes there are some, so bear with me. Hey what do you expect with 50 years of wrenches in my hands, but we all had to start somewhere.

    For those that are not knowledgeable on the terms of parts on a China 2 cycle (some are specific to these HT engines), here is a link that lists about every HT part. It is real hard for me to understand what a “thingy”, “whatcha ya call it” “thing of a jig” is.

    I have a link in my signature that everyone starting out with a Chinese 2 cycle ought to read. Most are also included in many of the “stickies” This deals with pre installing a HT engine in the frame, engine not running correctly and more.

    Once again, welcome to the world of MB’s, and have a safe, enjoyable riding experience.
    Is this the throttle handle you have?

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  4. Greg58

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    I like you are new to this forum, but I have been doing these bikes for a while. I haven't had any problems with the throttle cable at all, that's why I think you have not had any replies. The only thing I could think of was a sharp edge on the grip handle or in the ninety.
  5. WingDing

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    Yes that is the throttle I am using. After reading a few other throttle posts I am wondering if the problem is that the cable is a bit too long causing the excess to bunch up in the handle?..

    Thanks :)
  6. fishhead

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    cable breaks

    I have had this problem myself. I found that the cable was not breaking, instead the crimp on the end pieces are coming off. The cable will look frayed after in comes loose from the end piece.

    I also found that the twist grip throttle breaks easily, in particular the plastic that retains the end anchor of the cable (the round opening).

    As a quick fix to get going I tied a knot in the cable end and set it it the plastic retainer (round opening in the throttle grip), and epoxy glued the end in.

    It's been that way for years now, so I left it as is ...
  7. WingDing

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    fishhead, great idea :)

    I'm gonna do that. Thanks!