throttle cable let go, lead into motor.

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  1. poida

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    Hi all
    First bike, first post so please be gentle.
    I just purchased my first bike, a honda ct125. I cleaned the carby and tank (bought not running) and she started like a dream.
    I happily cruised around for a few days until the throttle cable snapped. I then walked her in first gear back to the shed, to save me having to push and found that the lead pellet on the end of the throttle cable had dropped off and i can't find it. I have pulled the carb, shone a light down the spark plug hole, pulled the exhaust etc. I am now worried to start her. Could the lead pellet have melted? Should i just start here up and hope? Or do i need to pull the head?

  2. Old Bob

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    It should be in the slide.If nots not there it could have passed right through the engine, the fact it still ran indicates
    that its probably not anywhere that it would cause a problem.
    It probably wouldn't melt right away, but thats not the problem, the problem is the steel cable strands that could scratch the bore up before disintigrating.
    If you are really worried, buy some gaskets and take the head off.
    Overall not a bad idea, you can decarbon it while you are at it,clean any sludge out of rocker box etc.
    I use a video bore scope for things such as this, if you have access to one you can save some work.
  3. poida

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    Hi Bob
    I have had a good look at the cable and i don't think any strands have come off. The cable looks clean at the end, i think it is just the lead pellet that has dropped off.
  4. HeadSmess

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    quick! go catch it! you just released .05 grams of lead oxide into the atmosphere! else i call the EPA!

    always happens. have fun on the postie. oh. no. 125. thats the "vertical" cylinder, ja? postie is the 110.

    same deal. had heaps of ends go through, they do just that...go through. melt vaporise intact, who knows, but you wont ever find it again. even brass ones.

    i did have a choke flap screw come loose, and jam in the exhaust valve once. caused me to get another bike on the road and only tore it down a few years later...grr! just needed a lil tap to pop it out! pays to make sure the ends of them are well peened so they wont loosen...
  5. poida

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    Yep postie bike decked out for farm work, and does have a verticle cylinder.
    Must say i've never had an engine start up and purr like this one did with absolute minimum of effort. Good to know i can bolt back the carb exhaust and plug and go for a ride.
  6. Old Bob

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    Those small Honda engines 50cc-125cc run great and run forever.
    Post some pics if you can.
  7. poida

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    Hey Bob
    I've just flown off for a months work, have no photo's with me.
  8. HeadSmess

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    if its pre 84, about the only issue is the points ignition, and after is ...nothing :)

    never sure why the ct125 was classed as a CT... its got nothing in common with the 50, 70, 90 or 110's... more of an ag class XR-XL than anything. the missing xr125 perhaps? cus they go 50 70 80 90 100 200 250 etc... and other than the fiddy, all are vertical cylinders... who knows where they come up with the numbers!

    do make a habit of changing oil regularly and frequently. cams and such forth run on plain bearings, the cleaner the oil, the better.
  9. poida

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    I take it you are talking about the gearbox oil? It has a dipstick and a drainplug. Is this gear oil and engine oil all in one place?
    It is an 87, although wiki only reckons they went to 85.
    Have ordered, clutch cable, accelerator cable, rear mudgaurd, airfilter, sparkplug and rh brake perch to get her a bit more rider friendly.
    The other things that need doing that i am holding off on till i work out how much we are going to ride/keep her are. Front fork seals, rear tyre, rear brake seized (might be able to just lube it up) crack in top of gearcase where chain gaurd bolts on (will try to devcon her) and no doubt rear shocks are stuffed. Probably have to adjust up the drum brakes too.
    Here is the pic from the sale on the net
    The electrics are totally no go, no lights, indicators, ignition etc, it would be good at a later date to get the light on the front working. It would also make a good project for a restore if i ever feel the need, but at the moment is a good learner bike for the misses and i, also good to chase sheep and exercise the kelpie.
  10. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    standard motorbike oil for fourbangers. yep, combined gearbox, engine and clutch. it gets dirty fairly quickly and does a lot of work!

    drum brakes are notorious for seizing. i usually found it was the cam actuator, once the hub gets too large and shoes are too worn, it travels too far, and either locks or can flip entirely over, at which point the shoes start moving in again! not very effective... i used to hard face the edges of the cam, give it a few more mm travel.

    despite the hubs being within service limits!

    worry about the ignition first. the cdi should be the same unit as on el cheapo chinese pitbikes...dont spend money on a genuine honda replacement! note that the power for lights etc feeds out the battery via a fuse. the old points babies need the battery, cdi doesnt. found that out the hard way when we found one on the side of the road and hooked the battery up wrong. wasnt charging, half an hour later...dead :) or the ignition feeds directly from the engine . cant remember exactly now :( but we had it wired wrong at first.

    it was running, but, wasnt it? that side of things must be good then :)

    schematics are all over the place. generator output should be the solid white wires (or yellow, or one of each) feed into 12v reg/rectifier, done. headlight can be powered directly from these wires. usually is, anyway. everything else will run off the battery.

    not really the forum for it, it hasnt got pedals!

    shame it isnt the genuine ct90 postie bike with the dual range gearbox. low first is mr tractor gear!
  11. poida

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    ok, decent pic attached

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  12. HeadSmess

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    nice goat :) what is it?

    see what i mean? compare this with an XR of the same era, and a standard ct110 postie... the seat/racks about the only thing different on the xr. whereas the engine is a totally different beast to a ct. shame, when i was doing mods to them. cylinders dont fit. such a let down :(

    (whereas the ct50/70 will take any of the china motors... lifan 140...yx 150... they go hard, plenty of upgrades, etc...)

    should be a good little bike still :) needs a milk crate!

    adjust them levers so theyre "ergonomic" ! gotta hit them brakes easy if needed. dont do clamps up too tight so they can slip if dropped, not break things.

    knob on the clutch lever is handy too, but i cant talk...people tell me to change my clutch lever all the time... just remember it can jab in an acco.

    bow bridge...not in WA? how much land?
  13. Old Bob

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    Goat? wow, I didn't look close at the animal, I thought it was some kind of odd dog.

    The bike is something they decided to rebadge.It is obvious XR heritage. Not sure what Honda was thinking when they did it.Nonetheless still a cool
  14. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Looks like an enduro version of an xr, wasn't the xr meant just for off road.
  15. poida

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    Strange you should say goat, its a lamb that is climbing stuff and eating anything, we have been joking its a goat or a sheep goat cross.
    Bow Bridge is on the sw tip of WA. Between Walpole and Denmark and 1 hour from Albany. We have roughly 15acres of land so enought to learn how to ride a bit.
  16. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    its one of those sheep, is it? i had to look hard before saying goat :) head of a sheep and a goats tail. weird much?

    or its a shoat. geep?

    baaaaaaa :jester:
  17. poida

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    Tail has just dropped off, took about 3 weeks with a tight band, helps prevent flystrike here in oz.
  18. HeadSmess

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    the old elastrator :) a yearly ritual. the first few hours afterwards is hilarious, in a nasty sort of way :( seen the mousetraps that use them yet? plain nasty. but effective :)

    dont worry, in sydney, i get to deal with the type of people that think its cruel and unneccesary. sure, id rather not have to, but...flies and hormones dont work on farms.

    i love the expression on their faces when they get out of the kleuger, carefully dust off the armani, and the rspca tells them over their smart phone that its perfectly fine and legitimate, stop wasting their time, and no, they wont be calling out this instant, or really, any instant.

    at least 3 visits a year, as someone complains about the bucks "always being in the one small pen". yep. at 7 am, every morning, they get fed in this tiny little pen for half an hour... guess who only drives past at 7 am? correct. sure, theyre kept seperate. theyre bucks. stinky and horny. that pen is connected to that yard with no gate, see...lots of room.

    id hate to think what theyd do if they knew what happens to the boys with no balls eventually!

    mmmm, chevon....