Throttle cable problem



Has anyone had a problem where the throttle jacket is too long for the cable itself, so you have no range of motion in the twist throttle?
Im helping a friend and it seems this is the problem with his bike....
Any suggestions?


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Dec 15, 2006
I had this problem, but the opposite, cable was too long for sleeve
couldn't figure out how to fix it
bought another cable
...sorry :(:(


well if you really feel that it is too short, what i did on my minibike because i only had a brake cable (not enough play) what i did was get my cable cutters and cut the line NOT ALL THE WAY! and it cut through the cable and i had this little metal strip, (this is to keep the line from kinking when bent) i just clipped the little strip but with the cable i had to cut off the tip for the sleeve to come off, NO GUARANTEES but to reattach the end i used metal epoxy, you might get by with solder, but with either i don't know what being in contact with gas would do... let me know how it turns out! but keep in mind you might be able to get a free replacement from whomever you bought the engine kit or cable from IF YOU END UP RE ATTACHING THE END MAKE SURE YOU'RE CONFIDENT IT WONT COME OFF YOU DON'T WANT THAT TINY LITTLE BALL COMING OFF AND RUINING YOUR ENGINE!
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