Throttle cable question (Tanaka PF-4000)

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    My below question, I imagine, will be best answered by someone familiar with both the Tanaka PF-4000 2-stoke engine, as well as with the Staton-inc axle-mounted kit. But I'm open to suggestions from anyone. :detective:

    Here goes:

    I'm planning on purchasing a new Staton-inc axle mounted kit with a new Tanaka PF-4000, and I have some questions about potential problems with the 60" throttle cable which comes with the kit -- questions which Mr. David Staton, owner of Staton-inc, did not answer to my satisfaction. To give Mr. Staton the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he was too busy, as it's springtime and he must be swamped with orders.

    First, some background:

    I used to ride a Staton-inc axle mounted kit with a 4-stroke (Robin-Subaru EH035), and I had no problems whatsoever with the 60" throttle cable getting stuck inside the cable housing. :D But then, keeping the same kit with the same gear reduction box, I switched to a different 4-stroke (a Honda GX35) and used the 60" throttle cable made specifically for the Honda, and the throttle cable would get stuck. :confused: When I would depress the small black plastic throttle lever to give the Honda gas, the throttle cable would move only with difficulty. And when I would release the throttle lever, the cable would get stuck inside the cable housing. Thus, I couldn't get the Honda to return to idle after giving it gas. This happened no matter how I routed the 60" throttle cable on my bike. :veryangry: I even tried using cable lube inside the cable housing. However, when I completely straightening out the throttle cable, it would move back and forth just fine inside the housing.

    To solve this problem, I bought a longer throttle cable -- approximately 84" -- and routed it backwards, down, around, and under the gear reduction box (which is located on the left side of rear axle) in a wide arc before routing it up the bike frame. But, by having to order a longer throttle cable I wound up having to pay for something I shouldn't have had to pay for, as well as pay for shipping, and I had to wait 5 to 6 days for it to arrive by UPS ground.

    So, my question is: will I or won't I have to do the same thing for a Tanaka PF-4000? Or, rather, should a 60" throttle cable be sufficient length for a Tanaka PF-4000 on a Staton-inc axle mounted kit? I'd like to know this info BEFORE I place my order. That way, if I need to buy a longer throttle cable, I can simply buy it when I place my order (rather than buy it after the order has been shipped to me).

    Thank you for any help or suggestions. :idea: