Throttle cable snapped in grip


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Having some trouble on confirming my recovery code the keyboard won't come up to type.
Can I tap skip and still get in?
Nope you mustn't skip any steps on anything concerning Bitcoin.

If you skip it then something happens, how will your get your coins back?
That recovery words wil allow you to burn/destroy/lose/run over your device and still be able to get your coins.


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Dec 13, 2015
Ya now it's your turn to suffer.
Today it got up to 55°
Tomalli it's suppose be 60°
I can start to shed my space suit,
Ya know this is a planet in outer space.
Where are you at Siberia?
8° cooler it well freeze diesel put down a large semi-truck sometimes driver's freeze to death in cabs.
What effect does it have on 2 stroke gas?