Throttle Cable too tight

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jporterhenry, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. jporterhenry

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    I bought a new 80cc kit and I have assembled it and I can not install the throttle cable so that it works. the cable is too tight so that when it is assembled in the handle it starts at full throttle. I have checked the cable assembly where it attaches to the carburetor and all looks good. Any suggestions?


  2. If you are sure you have it installed correctly, you can remove some of the outer sheath of the cable. Just pull the crimp on the end loose, then you can unwind the outer jacket to where you need it. Although it is hard to correct if you take too much off....
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    I thought of that but was nervous about pulling the crimp off and creating friction on the cable.
  4. It just slides off.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    I'd use an 8" linesman's pliers and just cut it to length.

    But, as misteright said, wathch the length. There's not much room to work with.
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    Also just to make sure I have assembled it correctly:

    Throttle cable ball goes in socket and then cable runs in groove towards 90 degree angle end of plastic groove holder. Handle fits into kill switch assembly and housing runs all the way to carburetor and through spring into groove on round cylindrical piece with needle and washer with slot cut out. All housing it tight with no loose space is apparent.

    I reassembled it now enough time to be pretty sure I have it right but I want to make sure there are no parts I am missing.

    I also was think it could have to do with the resting of the needle in the carburetor, but have yet to figure out how that could be the issue.

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    well I tried to slide the crimp off and it did not quite work. the housing is much tougher clip then I thought it would be and the crimp just would not budge. I ended up damaging the cable a little I already ordered a new one. Thanks for the help. better luck with the new one.

  8. bluegoatwoods

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    Hold on a minute.....your brass slide being up might not have to do with the cable at all.

    There's a particular way for that slide to be installed in the carburetor.

    the carb body has a very small "pin" in it. The brass slide barrel has a corresponding groove. If those aren't lined up, then that would cause the slide to not seat all the way.