Throttle Cable too tight

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jporterhenry, Oct 11, 2008.

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    So I have been trying to set up my new bike. I have an 80cc or said to be 80cc kit. I have assembled everything and I am set to go except the throttle. I have disassembled the carburetor at least 10 times and re set the cable on the brass cylinder. I have tried numerous times to set the disc at the other end of the cable into the throttle handle and same thing happens every time. The cable is too short. If I set it up the throttle is all the way open and therefor flooding the engine and not functional. At first I thought that it was the cable I got and so I tried to take some space off of the sheath and damaged the cable so I got a new one. The new one is exactly the same too short. I just can not get this thing set. Any pictures or thought would be appreciated.


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    well i had the same prob. first kit i did i cut the throttle lever, where the cable hook at the grip i cut the cable groove down so the throttle would turn in the return direction more. now i just cut the outer sheathing a little. either way works for me. you could go to a motorcycle shop with you cable and explain whats up and the should be able to hook you up with the proper cable.
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    Thanks I got it to fit via removing the nut on the throttle end of the cable and then it would slide further up the kill switch fixture.


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    if you can't figure it out -- maybe a trip to a lawnmower shop ???

    they can tell you what you need to do and sell you the parts needed
    or do the job for you

    ride that thing Mountainman