Throttle installed wrong?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Jixz, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Jixz

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    Hey, I just got my bike up and running today but one problem.. the throttles on full ( i think ) all the time. I cant pull it around more than 3/4 an inch and its constantly accelerating.. no idle really. I think i have done something wrong with the install, but it looks just like the pictures.. so whats going on here?!

    Any help would be GREAT, thanks.

  2. eltatertoto

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    the throttles dont have much play, but it is still a possibility that you might have instaled it wrong. it is also posible that the idle screw is not adjusted properly. other things are also possible, these are just the basics.
  3. funker

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    It might be leaking air into the engine too, may be the sealing o-ring in the carb, or something like that.
  4. Jixz

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    Where would i look to check on the carb, im not too familiar with this stuff yet. ill go through and make sure all is tight on it.. but where specifically should i look?

    And when the throttle assembly is removed from the carb and you pull the throttle, the pin moves up right?
  5. Ghost0

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    Pull your carb off with the cable still attached. Look into it from the intake manifold side. As you twist the throttle you should be able to watch the barrel move up and down. It should look completely closed when off throttle and completely open at full throttle. If it doesn't do this you have installed something wrong.
  6. funker

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    you should check the the seal between the intake pipe and the cylinder head, and the seal between the carb and the intake pipe. Inside the carb, in the "hole" that fits in the intake pipe should be a rubber o-ring. All of this it's applicable only if we suppose that the problem is a air leaking, but generally when the throttle system it's ok, but the engine blow up in rpm, an air leak it's the problem, may be some pics could help us the diagnose the problem.


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  7. BSA

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    Try loosening the screw on the top of the carb.

  8. fetor56

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    With the carby connected properly u should have about 1/8" free play in the throttle...meaning that when u go to accelerate nothing happens with the engine revs for the first 1/8'',and thereafter it builds-up.
    Make sure there are no air leaks and that you've o-ringed the carby and have the carby needle on the correct notch for your mixture setting.Also make sure there are no tight bends in the accelerator cable so everything is free to run smooth.
    With the engine NOT running u should be able to flick the throttle and hear the carby slide hitting the bottom of the carby as it retracts.
  9. Jixz

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    problem fixed, but now when i disengage the clutch the rpm just sky rockets, is that a leak?

    and when i look in the carb where the intake goes theres no o-ring, just the rod that moves from the clutch.. is that where it is supotsa be?
  10. fetor56

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  11. Jixz

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    good call :) will be rideing up to home depot tomorrow! thanks!!!
  12. bkteer

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    check your cable

    i just did the same thing .....almost! in your carb is a guide. the cylindricle device HAS to be aligned with the tiny pin in the throttle cable/needle housing, if not, it feels like your throttle would go 0-60 in just a 1/4 turn. spin it around, hook it up again, and you should get the comfortable twist "vroom vroom" style like it's supposed to work