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  1. daveet66

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    ok I took apart carb and the needle that is hooked to throttle was not on throttle cable how do I get it hooked back up?

  2. HeadSmess

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    it doesnt hook to the cable.

    it sits in a lil hole in the slide. the cable hooks to the slide.

    the slide pulls needle up with it.

    the needle should have a clip on it, middle slot standard.

    theres usually washer sort of thing above the needle, with a slot to clear the cable. otherwise a clip of some sort. otherwise its not terribly important anyway! so dont worry! just holds needle down in slide, stops it jumping around and giving rich surges.

    get that? one clip ON the needle, to locate it heightwise in the slide for mixture, one washer thingy that rests on this clip, and is held down on the slide via spring, keeping needle in place!

    then the spring to push slide down. then the cap.

    then the lil rubber boot/silicone sealant around cable as it enters cap to stop stray "air leaks"
  3. Purple Haze

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    The first time you do this, you'll probably end up launching the spring; tricky little devils! Also, do not overtighten the cap, it'll distort the bore and bind up the slide. Many perfectly good carbs have been scrapped because of this.
  4. sourdiesel404

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    so the washer thats in the slider that goesd in the carb is suppose to be above the needle pin?
  5. HeadSmess

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    yep. the needle has a clip on it. that goes in slide first. then funky washer with the slit, then spring.

    it just holds the needle down in place, stops it "floating" and giving erratic mixture. clip holds it UP, washer + spring holds it DOWN.not 100% necessary ;) ie, you arent doomed if it happens to find a new home under the fridge or summink. as long as the clip is there, all is well.

    line the slot in it up with the slot in the slide for the cable.
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