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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by PhoobarID, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Can someone post some closeup pix of their 4-stroke throttle setup on their carburetor? Have the downloaded directions from Birddog in Montana...but the directions & the pix are grainy & not very good.

    Had to drill out the set screw you put the throttle cable into the carburetor housing to even get the cable to go through...but I get no play & no movement when I tighten it down.:sweatdrop:

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    What I'm having a devil of a time doing is getting the throttle hooked up. I have a plastic & a metal connector on the carburetor...the pix is very unclear where to connect the end of the cable. Plus...the cable seems too short by 1/4". I hook it up with the metal thumbscrew with the cable going through it...I have no play at all on the throttle. Leaving it off...I have no way to control the tension on the cable. Any suggestions and clear pix would be greatly appreciated.
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    Seeing your setup makes perfect sense now. The problem is with this being my 1st build...not having built something like this before and the grainy pix in the manuals to try to work from.

    Am thinking about getting my buddy a 2 stroke...will this be easier to build than the 4 stroke I'm currently working on?
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    Love what you've done with your MB. First time I saw the pix and read the story...almost shorted out my keyboard/mouse from my mouth hanging open.

    The biggest problem with my build is the cable seems to be too short to connect to the throttle arm when using the hollow thumbscrew. It's about 1/4" long coming out of the metal end of the hollow rubber tube.

    Was thinking of getting an old piece of brake cable and hook up the arm to that...then use a cable connector (like on the clutch connector) to connect the 2 pieces of wire together for the length I would need.
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    I replaced my entire throttle cable with a brake cable- sheath and all.
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    With all the cables I took off tons of it hanging around...especially with taking off the shifter & rear brakes.

    With my throttle arm having a slit in it with a round hole to hold the cable in place...anything I need to watch out for or do?