Throttle Trouble please help!

Risk Man

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Oct 28, 2021
I know alot of you guys might not like E3 plugs, but I think there a good plug. In my pickup trucks i would usually gain 1-3miles better fuel economy with the E3 plugs.
I wonder if they will work in my Better Half's 2022 Landrover Defender???? :unsure: we could use better MPG for sure! (Yes she is driving her "bucket List" Vehicle which is why she is MY Better Half!)


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Jun 3, 2012
I for one don’t knock any plug till I’ve tried it, the one that didn’t work good for me was champion, gapped the same it didn’t run as good as NGK. The only question I have about E3 is with the 3.32 replacing so many plugs according to their site where is that plug on the heat range scale?


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Jan 7, 2022
I have a collection of plugs because I've had 2strokes for 40 years and they can be finicky on plugs... Bosh W8A or WR7A NGK BR7HS -10 marine BR6HS the BR7ES fits the lawnmower and the '82 nighthawk... everything else fits 72' Kawasaki 69' V-dub 74 Evenrude Norsemen 40s ... And these Happy Time china motors

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I've found small things on my shop floor with a harbor freight magnet.
you should be careful of what you put on a magnet. for instace a screwdriver. it may be convenient but that also magnetizes the screwdriver. so if you go to use it on something it will also magnetize that part. there are some things you dont want magnetized. for instance, when i was being factory trained by harleyt davidson. we were trained not to get a magnet near the transmission. if it gets magnetized you could end up with metal shavings in your gear teeth that could keep the gears from turning and seizing the transmission. thats just an example but thought id pass that tidbit on to you.