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  1. jroyse

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    Is there a better twist grip throttle system available for my Skyhawk motor?
    The one that came with the motor is not very good. Maybe it can be improved?
    Nah, there's gotta be a better one out there somewhere.

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  2. motorpsycho

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    heck yeah...just do an e-bay search for mini bike, mini chopper or moped throttles.
    throttle is a throttle, as long as the cable is long enough and the grip fits the handlebars. The one thing to check is the end of the cable that connects to the slide in the carb because it's pretty small. You have to make sure that you get one that has the same size end on it, or it will never connect to the slide correctly.
    I think sick bike parts also sells a throttle assembly but i'm not sure if it's better quality than what comes with the engine kits or not.
  3. azbill

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    sickbikeparts' throttle is far superior to the kit cheapie :)
    (plus it comes with a black or silver cable sheath and in 3 different lengths ;))
  4. jroyse

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    OK...I'm gonna check out sickbikeparts
    Thanks for the tips
  5. well I asked the same question about twist grip throttles. I looked all over the net but bottom line for the price they were all cheap pieces of ****.

    I also looked at motorcycle throttles too.

    I then did some out of the box thinkin and research on this site and decided to buy a high quality 7 speed twist shifter for a bicycle for $15. It pulls apart so easily that stevie wonder could figure it out and there is one little piece of metal that very easily pulls out of the housing. This piece of metal keeps the gear that you select to stay in place until you need to change to a higher or lower gear. When you remove it the shifter will become a full blown throttle. Ever since then I have never looked back and will never have to look for another high quality twist throttle on the cheap.

    People ask me where the throttle is when they admire my bike and when i tell them I modded a shifter they are blown away. Plus it cleans up the bike real nice.

    I decided to go with the "half throttle" shifter cuz if I ever had to pedal the bike I would want at least half of my right grip to stay fixed like a bicycle for stability.

    I mean who wouldn't want a shimano twist throttle?
  6. Max-M

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    "Jackhammer" grips/throttle

    I also don't like the "kit" throttle and grips, with their mostly-plastic construction, and "bicycle" look. When I see an otherwise nice MB build, but I see that familiar set of grips with the yellow kill switch, it knocks the bike down a notch for me. (The most egregious example of this that I've found is seen on the otherwise spectacular MBs built by Derringer Cycles:

    For my latest 4-stroke build, with a 2012 Giant "Simple Single" cruiser, I bought a set of real motorcycle grips. They're 7/8" "Jackhammer" style. These are a reproduction of a style that was stock on 1960s-era Triumphs and BSAs. Nowadays, they're popular for custom motorcycles (choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, etc). Mine are made by a Taiwanese company called EMGO, and they're quite rugged, and have just the vintage look I was searching for. Just Google around, and you'll see that these are widely available online. Just be sure to buy a set that's sized for 7/8" handlebars; a lot of 1" sets are marketed for Harleys and fat custom bars. I paid about $20, and I used the kit cable.

    For a kill switch, I bought a rocker-type switch from Sick Bike Parts. Also in view in my attached pics are a real motorcycle, cruiser-style mirror; and a motorcycle brake lever (

    Good luck.

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  7. jroyse

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    just got my new throttle from Sick Bike. WOW! What a surprise. I never expected anything that nice. I have a separate kill switch I got from a mini bike store that is going out of business. $2.00. Its a nice rocker positive on/off with a handlebar mount. Now I gotta get on the bike and hope for some warm weather.

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  8. Max-M

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    Schweet Schwinn!


    That is one standout MB; one of the coolest, cleanest-looking builds I've seen. I'm going to put the pic of your bike in the file of photos that I show to people when I'm explaining our hobby to them.


  9. jroyse

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    photo update

    Good grief, I posted an earlier photo. Here's the latest with the rear carrier added.

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