Thruster 700c Fixie Build

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by bmoney, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. bmoney

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    Tonight I went to wal-mart to kill sometime before work, and obviously i had to check out the bicycle section.. Nothing really had my attention until i saw those bright red and yellow wheels and tires. Instantly thought, "hmm, that bike looks perfect for motorizing." After a test ride up and down the isles and a detailed visual inspection of the welds, i was quite pleased with the build of this bike. So then i hopped on the internet to read some reviews.. Everything checked out A OK! :likelots:
    During my visual inspection i noticed a little ding on the top tube of the bike. Its really nothing that is going to affect the structural integrity but its worth mentioning!! After some haggling with the good people of wal-mart, the customer service manager agreed to give me 15% off because of it. So i got this already cheap bike that would have cost me 106.24$ for only $90 and some change :grin5:

    Here's a few specs from the site-
    Riding style: Fixed gear bike
    Frame: Steel
    Gearing: Fixed gear or single-speed
    Fork: Steel
    Rims: Alloy
    Brakes: Alloy side pull brakes
    Dimensions: 70"L x 25"W x 45"H
    Weight: 40.4 Pounds.

    The power is going to be supplied by-
    Freshly re-built 49cc Daemon bikes 2-stroke engine. (New cylinder head, piston, rings, all new gaskets, and upgraded allen/hex head 8 grade hardware)
    Cns racing carburetor
    Hi-Flow Air filter
    Port matched intake

    Next things on the list will be an expansion chamber and boost bottle, followed by a smaller rear sprocket..

    Cant wait to get this puppy up and running. Ill be sure to update when it is...

    THANKS for viewing! :ack2:

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  2. bmoney

    bmoney New Member

    Started to assemble the bike last night and everythings coming together very smoothly. Engine fits great, no clearence issues, and no need for an oversized front mount :cool2:

    I do have a question though about rear sprocket sizes.. This bike came with a flip-flop hub meaning one sides freewheel and the others a fixed gear. I know this probably isn't a good idea but it got me thinking.. I could "technically" just slap the drive chain on the fixed gear sprocket(18 tooth) and avoid having to use the ghetto ragjoint assembly, and get a lot more top end.

    My question is.. is an 18t WAY to small?? I mean, the 415 chain fits the sprocket fine and doesn't jump the teeth. I know id probably have to pedal up to about 20 mph to get it started, and the acceleration would probably suck as well as hill climbing. But I would think on a nice flat strip it would easily hit 45+ mph. Any input on this would be GREATLY appreciated...

    So yay or nay to the 18 tooth?
    Ps sorry bout the poor quality pics.

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  3. VROOM

    VROOM Member

    Your engine isnt very level. The float in the carb might not like that.
  4. bmoney

    bmoney New Member

    I'm not done with mounting it yet, its just mocked so I could get everything else put on... Ill level it out a little more before I tighten everything down.

    60 views and that's the only thing anyone has to say? This isn't a very active forum huh?
  5. ddesens

    ddesens Member

    I wouldn't use the small gear that came with the bike. I think you will really hate it. I think some where else on the forum someone used this bike and somehow mounted the kit sprocket to the small gear on the bike. I know I'm being vague but I did read it here I believe. I was just thinking of doing a build with that bike. I really like it. I am interested in watching your build.
  6. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    I was thinking the same thing too. - Walmart Fixie.

    How are you going to mount your sprocket? Please post pics with explanation.

    BTW, Im thinking 36, 40, or 44 tooth rear sprocket for 33, 30 and 27 Mph speed.
    As you know, the higher the speed, the slower the takeoff.

  7. ddesens

    ddesens Member

    I also bought this bike yesterday and am about 1/2 done with the 66cc install.
  8. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Cool ddsens!

    Please share your build info and pics with us!

  9. bmoney

    bmoney New Member

    Making some progress

    Today I finally tackled mounting the sprocket and chain, It took me a few try's though. Once you pull off the lock ring(Reverse thread! Clockwise to loosen) you have a few options..
    1.) You CAN mount the 44t directly over the the fixie gear, ALL of the 9 bolt holes lined up perfect with the fixed gear cog (which will eliminate any chance of slipping or stripping thread. You can still tighten up the lock ring this way. I tried this but didn't have any hardware that would seat flush and weren't overly long. It ended up being to sloppy for me.. I think the big washers i used killed it. (sorry its kinda hard to see the fixie sprocket in the 2nd pic but they did line up very well.)
    2.)I chose to go with the good o'l rag joint, With the lock nut loc-tite'd(lol) on as extra insurance. If I come across some flush mounting hex head bolts I may end up swapping out the rag joint and going with the first set up but this will do for now.

    After that was all done, I got the chain mounted up. I plan on running it with out a tensioner, which shouldn't be a problem seeing as you can adjust the tension via the rear wheel. The clearance is close enough, gimme the cigar!! No rubbing even when it slacks up for pop-starting.

    Also got a little carried away shopping for stuff to start building an electrical system for this puppy, but that's a project for another day.. This hobby is way to addicting!!

    That's all for now, hope this helps..

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  10. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Nice! There are Clam Shell Adapters from several makers, but with the right hardware, and from what you are saying, you dont need it!

    With the grooves on the Fixie sprocket fitting perfectly with the 9 stock holes from your sprocket that came with your engine kit - It sounds like a "lay up"!

    Did you by chance check your local Ace or True Value Hardware Store for the hex bolts?

    BTW, can you explain how you got your pics under 100kb within your post?

  11. bmoney

    bmoney New Member

    I haven't checked around for them yet really, It would look much better with out clam shell though, I may get around to doing it later..The next thing i am buying is a gas tank so i can RIDE THIS THING... I'm sick of just looking at it:ack2:
    As for the pics, I use my smart phone for i posting just take the attachments right out of my gallery. Sorry it that doesn't help much...
    Fair well!
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  12. ddesens

    ddesens Member

    I am going to mount my sprocket the first way you suggested bmoney. I just have to get some shorter bolts from work tomorrow. I hope the sprocket will line up with the engine sprocket ok. All I got done tonight on mine was putting the gas tank on and I opened up the center of the drive sprocket so the lock ring fits inside of it and tightens. The alignment with the rag joint on yours looks spot on.
  13. bmoney

    bmoney New Member

    The sprocket will look sweet mounted up like that ddesens and it will be nice and balanced that way too.. The sprockets should line up just fine.. Gets some pics up of your progress.

    I didn't get much done today either. I was bummed when i woke up because it was already to late to get to pirate cycles before they closed. So no new gas tank today, Probably tomorrow though. Then i just have to mount the tank, tune the carb and she'll be off and running.

    I did get one thing done today, and that was finishing up the bridge rectifier for my self sufficient lighting system. Its going to be a small led flashlight(may end up using 2, power permitting) and a small 3 led trailer indicator light for the rear.
    As always sorry for the horrible quality pics.
    Also here's the write-up i used to build rectifier for anyone interested.

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  14. bmoney

    bmoney New Member

    Took it for a few rides yesterday, the first one ended with me pedaling back because an engine mount bolt fell out..
    Then when replacing it the threads stripped so I had to re-tap the holes. When out again with my friend driving my car next to me and got it up 2 38 mph!! No joke. But that ride ended with my exhaust end cap falling out then actually snapping. Exhaust mount FTL! So I called it a day.

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  15. ddesens

    ddesens Member

    :veryangry:That sucks. I took mine out today for the first time and put a couple miles on it. Runs good. The sprocket is attached to the fixie sprocket. It worked well. Weld that pipe back on bmoney.
  16. flatblackkustoms

    flatblackkustoms New Member

    That sounds great! Im stoked to know about the fixed gear sprocket! Ive been wanting to build a speedster like that for awhile!
  17. flatblackkustoms

    flatblackkustoms New Member

    Let me know how it rides with the 700c rims!
  18. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    Looking good. I've been using 700c rims now for a few years now. Everything seems to be just about the same as the 26 inch wheel. I've noticed that you've got to nurse them alone when using a rag joint. Uno, they can't take that little more stress on spokes considering there length .You've just got to A shift kit would help that problem, but I've done everything that can be done as far as mods, but haven't gone shift kit? I just think where I live that you would be shifting so much, that that would kill the fun of riding to begin with?!~ See, I'm 6' 6", not including bike, there's some major stress going on there..........
  19. bromoto

    bromoto New Member

    damn sucks that the exhaust broke. hope you get it up working agian and get the MPH up higher...looks nice. I plan to purchase a fixie from walmart soon and do the same except GO ELECTRIC.
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  20. mrdylanspencer

    mrdylanspencer New Member

    I just returned my schwinn clairmont and picked up a thruster fixie for the grubee kit i just ordered. by any chance have you tried using the stock fixed gear at all? i think i will give it a try before i install the kit sprocket. I know it will have almost no power but i think it might actually do the motor good. i figure it will restrict the rpm's a little so i don't get too throttle happy during the break in period lol :grin5: I am also thinking it will start the engine a lot easier with less stress on the rear wheel (like push starting a dirtbike... high gear = easier to push) If you havn't tried it yet i'll let you know what happens when my kit arrives.