Thumb/Brake lever Throttles

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  1. Russntustin

    Russntustin New Member

    Been searching....looking for people that have and like/dislike the thumb type or brake lever throttles on their bikes.
    I've been looking at the BMX 'Sinz' brake lever for a throttle. (two finger/spring loaded)

  2. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    I have a brake lever for the throttle on my trike, and it works well. But I'm getting a little arthritis in the fingers, so I'm planning to change to a thumb lever off a snow machine. It doesn't look like it will be any problem.
  3. Russntustin

    Russntustin New Member

    Anyone use a Thumb throttle like this?

    Been searching for a thumb throttle....A few different vendors have these on eBay. Was wondering if anyone has used it.

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  4. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    nice looking little throttle control.

    I use thumbshifters... friction type, not indexed.
    with a little bit of friction, it works like cruise control.....set it & forget it !!
  5. DIYMark

    DIYMark Member

    As soon as i saw the stock throttle and how it was made and worked it went straight into the bin! It was the worst POS excuse for a throttle lol!

    Now I use a friction shifter with the "ratchet" removed so its super smooth - its adjusted to spring back on releasing instead of cruse control style.
  6. rkbonds

    rkbonds Member

    I use a brake lever turned backwards for thumb control. I like it but, wouldn't mind upgrading for a twist control.