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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by milegajo, Jun 20, 2008.

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    Hi Guys,

    This is a revised version of the previous site http://www.tigertoothbikes.com and i wondered if i could get your expert opinions on it. Would appreciate you guys being as blunt as possible, so please comment on price, functionality, photos used, typos, wording and of course, broken links etc

    I hope this site is upto your standards, thank you all very much who have commented so far and i look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

    Kindest regards,


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    Hi just checked out the site, Its great theres a second UK vendor now.
    Got a few tips for the website:
    On the products page You should have a little PayPal banner saying that you accept it.

    Also list what is included in the pic, and you need to be able to click on it and then it opens a new window of it larger.

    And you need to put up a parts catalogue online!!

    One last thing, you need some pictures of the bikes with the engines installed. I have a picture of my bike when it was stock looking very nice and shiny! It has the exact same kit installed as the one you are selling. I'm a photographer so I tried to make the shot look cool too. If you want you are more than welcome to use it on your site! Heres the link for it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fastboy9/2336818475/sizes/o/

    I wish you the best of luck with the business, and if there is any way I can help then just message me. I am very interested in the success of Tiger Tooth Bikes, as I dont like the way Transformer Cycles dominates the UK market and inhibits its growth. I just want to see motored bikes a common site on the streets of the UK. I will be directing people to your site when they ask next time.

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    WOW! Thank You!

    Fastboy 9 i cannot express how much your comments mean. It has been so hard to even get this far, and its superb to have found someone who shares our sentiments.
    Your picture is FANTASTIC and shall enjoy pride of place on our website.
    I shall do my utmost to action as many of your suggestions as possible and am excited to say we are looking to introduce lowrider/cruiser and many more kinds of bikes to our range. We too share your vision of these bikes becoming the 'norm' and are encouraged by the response we as a business have recieved since our inception. We hope that we can give back to this wonderful online community as much as we have recieved and look forward to doing business with its members.
    In the mean time many many thanks, i wish you all the best and shall be in touch soon to discuss our ideas and plans with you.

    Kindest Regards,

    Mike Jones
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    I just visited your site and the one thing that struck me being not quite correct is when you click on "Our Bikes" you see 2 different Cat bikes that say fully fitted with 50cc engine. But the pictures do not show the bike fully fitted with the engine. If I see something that says bike with fully fitted engine, that is what I expect to see. Bike with engine installed.
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    That looks really good!! I'm nearly ready to sell my bike and start the next project too, and I will be using the same engine again. So should have some more good pics soon. Thanks a lot for featuring my bike, it means a lot!!

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    Dont sweat it

    I put the copyright stuff underneath but can you confirm i got the right name....jus pm me it or something, ta
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    Yep thats the my name, copyright looks very professional ;).
  8. 50 60 and 80 cc should be what the true displacement is. I know there are those that are still not in the know that an 80cc Happy Time simply does not exists so if you advertise the true displacements it can go a long way I would think.
    I forget now what the true displacements are.
    Someone help me here.
  9. fastboy9

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    50= 48cc
    60= 58cc
    80= 66.7cc

    Thats what someone said ages ago but I'm not 100% sure on the "60"
  10. fastboy9

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    whereabouts in the UK are you from? I'm down south in Essex
  11. milegajo

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    Sorry for delay in replying, have been SO busy (good busy). We're based in Stroud Gloucestershire.
  12. recaro18

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    whats the difference in powr with the 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines you have, im after the most power and tourque out of an engine which is the best one for me?

  13. milegajo

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    I have to say, and this is my opinion so guys feel free to chip in, the 4 stroke offers more power and torque and i would therefore recommend investing in one if you are likely to be climbing steep hills. I've attached a pic of my own 4 stroke experiment (i've been dying to compare) that i have nearly finished (just needs the wide cranks installed)

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  14. recaro18

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    I always thought 2 strokes were a bit better on power for the size? e.g motor cross bikes, quads etc?

    and that kit on your car, do you sell that?

    and what hp is that rated at?

  15. milegajo

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    we thought that too, i reckon it could be the sprocket that makes the difference in this case, but there is definitely a difference. its 2hp this one. and yes we do sell them in kit form, we're looking to sell them fully fitted soon if all goes well.