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  1. cycledude

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    Where do I hold this thing to tighten the bolt on the shaft?
    Please tell me I don't have to pull anything apart!

    eh..I did a little searching but lazy that I am.

  2. Wheres my dog

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    Normally when I put clutches on a horizontal shaft engine and I need to tighten the bolt into the shaft.... I normally get someone to pull the pull starter out a few inches and hold it while I crank it down.

    Works for me every time! Never lost one yet :)
  3. kerf

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    Strap wrench?
  4. cycledude

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    dog Owner, will try, I noticed the piston sliding when I torqued it and I had a couple of screw drivers through the cooling holes.
    I need one of those tools that look like scissors with a couple of cylinder at end but thats not going to work either.


    I tried that but the strap wrench will just hold the bell, the rotor keeps turning.

    Ill show you what I had to do to get the clutch mounted on there later, a real b%&^h
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    Can you see the piston through the plug hole? If so, a piston stop will work, try a lawn mower shop.
  6. SimpleSimon

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    Made my own with an old spark plug and a chunk of hardwood dowel rod gel type superglued up into the electrode hole (which I broke out of the plug). Made it long enough that the piston is held well down in its stroke, and the hardwood won't mar the aluminum piston.
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    Well I saw another clutch thread up in the GD section so that's where I slamed this one, who knew?
    Anyway thats how it looks, I had to make a spacer bcause the shaft is too short I hope it holds when I give it the works.
    the last one is how it looks without the bell, is a little more than 1/4".
    Im thinking that the force is on the bell only when the rotor is open so.

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  8. cycledude

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    the idea is to make something like the one selling for 7500? but with a 50cc.
    im going to slam it on the bmx and get some more health insur
    I forget that I also had to grind a little of the back of the rotor, there is a massive chunk of metal there.
    and I could have made the spacer by cutting a piece of 5/8" shaft and drill a hole but I had this one made since I dont know how much shaft I'm going to need
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