tiller motor



hey im kinda new to motord bikes just a wild idea i had to put a 49cc 2hp sears tiller motor (2 stroke) onto an old bike frame and i wound up here but i have a grandpa who is helping me he did the same thing when he was my age (15) and has offerd me some of his infinit wisdom (seriously he knows more than i ever hope to know he is my idol he was born in 1935 and has passed some of his expansive mechanical knowledge onto me) on this project but it should be fun to build and ride we are adapting a clutch bearing for it soon and i got it running and modified the throttle so it is direct cable controll over the gradual opening spring loaded thing that was on it, i was just wondering if anyone has done this before or used this engine before thanks and hello all my name is austin and ill be your waiter i mean umm... hello.
What I hear from old timers, and you can pass this on to your grandpa, is that THE popular engine in the old days were the ones off "GAS POWERED" washing machines and refridgerators.

When Tennessee Valley Authority finally got the area wired in the late '40's and early '50's, that made those motors both obsolete AND abundant, which put every teenager on two wheels racing down the dirt roads.
no he used something off of a cement mixer a 3 horse job.
but i wanted something on the little tiller motor