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    I recently had to tear down my motor, i had some casting flash break loose from the cylinder head and destroy my piston and rings. after replacing everything i went to retoque the head. at 12ft pounds ,fine, at 14 pounds , 2 of the head studs had lost torque. s*** so i took it apart again and what had happen was the bolts pulled the threads out. so i went on amazon looking for a thread repair solution. what i ran across was a time-sert insert repair. they have them for our 8mm andd 6mm sizes. after watching the how to video i decided to order the 8x1.25 set. it is kinda of expensive at around $52.00 but i did not see any other real choice.
    well the kit came and i was really impressed of the quality of drill bit ,the tap, the counter bore and the piece that inserts the insert .it comes with 5 inserts which you can buy more for around i think 1.50 each. it was so easy to use i was amazed. maby 5 min a hole. once again this kit is impressive, it totally saved my motor !!!!
    since our motors only have 2 sizes the $100 dollor investment for both kits would be money well spent consindering the aggravation of stripped hole in this cheap metal they make the motors out of. really 5 minutes and your done with a premenent quality repair.
    I know im not the only one out there that has had this sort of problem. so go to amazon and check out the time-serts AA+++++ for thread repair::bowdown:

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    alumaweld might be good in some aplications but as far as treads ive read about it for our bike applications its usally a no go. The other site has threads on it.
    Id rather pay a little more ,use a drill and be done in 5min with a nice permenant solid repair.
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    Sounds great.
    Do you have a pic of the repair?
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    You know now after the fact that would have been good thinking. unfortunatly i was so happy that i was able to repair the two head studs. i think i had the motor put back together in about 30 min and took it for ride 5 minutes after that. That was last night, and ive been riding all day on and off breaking this new motor in.
    it was so easy ,first drill the hole( the quality of the drill bit is the best and sharpest ive seen) tap the hole ( very high grade and sharp tap) then counterbole (same deal with the quality) then locktight the insert and screw it in till its tight then remove the inserter and your done. less than 5 min.
    treads ive read about stripped head bolt holes really did not give much info, the heli coils look to big , not enough room to the inside of the block. also with 8mm studs going a size bigger just isnt pratical with having to drill the cilinder and head to get it to fit.
    I would stake my reputation that it has to be the one if not the best ways to fix a stripped hole on these motors.
    if i ever strip another hole( which will probably happen sooner or later) i will take pictures of the whole process. or if anyone reads this and trys them ,take pictures, im sorry i didnt..