Time To Be Optimistic

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    Time To Be Optimistic

    The progressives have been discovered. Politics that once favored "Going Green" now look at things differently as the realities of debt and corruption over the science have made people cynical.


    ...it's like when everyone sells their stock and things appear at rock bottom that things can only get better. (buy low, sell high)

    "Going Green" is having an identity crisis.


    Much of the "glut" of spending on "Going Green" companies and science will slip down the hole of corruption much like money going to Haiti. We can pretty much be certain that every company now that tries to create anything sustainable will fail. Tesla Motors is offering an IPO but they have never made a profit in their entire company history.

    As someone that went through the dot.coms I know that when you are in it there is a mixture of people.

    :D There are the naive idealists... those are the "true believers" that do not suspect that anything sinister is going on. When they realize it's a scam they end up hurt and kicking themselves for being so dumb.

    :D There are the corrupt and guilt free types that seek the cash of whatever handout that is happening at the time. (dot.coms had IPO's, but today you get your cash from the government)

    :D There are those that got addicted to the whole thing early on before the evil forces took over (I include myself in this) and are able to go with the flow without adding to the sin.

    ...but when the whole thing is done what do you have?

    In the end you will have some really great technology that will be selling really, really cheap so that the masses can afford it. (think of the growth of the internet after the dot.coms)

    So my point is that we should not get down about all of this... these booms and busts are all the same. The end result is good.

    Sometimes it takes astounding stupidity in government or finances to create a sequence of events that has a good outcome. I'm optimistic that some of the "Going Green" technologies will survive after the corrupt phase is over. It always does.

    The future is bright...
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    I still refuse to buy a hybrid... never ever, i wont do it.

    If it ever happens it will be because some bright gifted engineer/mechanic figured out a way to shoehorn a k20a type r motor into the new honda cr-z. But then it wouldn't be a hybrid any-more but a kickass evolution of the car I love so much.

    solar panels and photovoltaic membranes are cool ...
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    It all comes down to dollars.

    If you can buy useful technology at a really, really cheap price then you will make that decision because it makes sense.

    Where this whole "Going Green" thing went south is when people starting thinking along the "Global Warming" angle. (and it's only getting worse now with government deficit spending in order to prop up what will be failing businesses)

    Erase the "Global Warming" angle, cut the prices, stop the government spending, build great technology, and the future starts to look good.

    We need start to talk about "Going Efficient" rather than "Going Green", because it's the efficiency angle that is of value. It's all about the "bottom line"... if you fail on the "bottom line" you fail everywhere else eventually.
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    Very good Safe. Right on.
  5. As far as bikes are concerned, they still save a ton of money on gas and they're fun. Try to make more of it and you're only starting to blow air into another balloon that will eventually burst again.
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    That explains all my misfortunes in the market, I've had it backward all these years!!!!!!!
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    safe, that was a nice post...events could eventually dictate that personal transport become a necessary part of life in the "free world", as it always has been so many other places...i'll be channel-surfing & i'll see random footage of some under-developed city somewhere & without fail i find myself marveling at the personal contraptions i see on the streets in the background...and i am somehow envious. now, you know those guys ride all week to work & back, mind the family, whatever...but you know, sometime during the weekend, they're tipping beers and gearheadin' on those THINGS, right?!

    i'm a 5th generation immigrant to the USA, i have enjoyed some real treats because of where & when i happened to be born, so you'll always find me in defense of our current system as doable until things change, but...

    when/if the need ever completely overrides the ability (or desire) to regulate MB's & other small personal vehicles, then i'm gonna be looking at a CVT for my GEBE, you betcha! :helmet:
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    Look to your left, and in the ad rotation is an ad from "Hybri-Ped" that is truly disgusting. There are pictures of hurricanes and colorful graphs showing that 2 stroke bicycle engines emit less CO2 than a car. Problem is that you have to fall for the hoax that CO2 is a pollutant, and when you look at other emissions like HC's, you see that even the best 4 stroke motorized bikes are worse than cars. The Hybri-Ped ad is simply trying to play up on the green movement BS. Maybe adding some polar bear pictures would boost sales, eh? IMHO,the MB community loses credibility due to shyster's like that.
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    We should feel better these days because the progressives are being exposed for the frauds they are. The People are starting to wake up to the threat and elections (here in America anyway) are starting to move against the progressives.

    So I think we can all breathe a sign of relief that the likelihood of a rapid and complete takeover by the progressives is at least for now being opposed.

    It's like with Hitler though... in 1923 he tried to rapidly take over Germany but his coup failed and he was forced to wait. The progressives are all like this... they might fail today, but they could come back tomorrow. The secret to preventing the next Stalin, or Mao, or Hitler is to have the people know what is coming. (the lies fall apart once the word gets out)

    People know now... so we can be a little more optimistic that the progressives won't be able to complete their conquest. (it was pretty scary a short time ago)

    If you want to read something that will scare the heck out of you try this:


    Saul Alinsky
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    Well, it only took nine posts until Godwin's Law (Google it) came into effect. This thread has become too political, and is being moved to the Combustion Chamber as a result.