Time to order motor,Bikeberry good vender?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by skipS, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. skipS

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    I looked in the vendor reviews but only saw one review of Bikeberry and it was a good one. With all the vendor choices out there I thought i would ask about Bikeberry before I pull the trigger and order from them. I see they have a link here so i would like to support them if the reviews are OK. The donor bike is done, Just need a 80 cc ht motor. ........thanks ..........skip

  2. F4R00QU33

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    i purchased the 80cc from them about 4 months ago and haven't had any problems with the motor. their customer service is great, i asked them several questions through their website and they always responded promptly. I would certainly recommend them.
  3. Rainsawck!

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    Ordered my 50cc kit from them, got it 2 days ago.

    They sent me a horrible black and white copy of an internet instruction manual, which was useless, packaged it all into little plastic baggies without any padding besides a foam flat on top and bottom ( Have a huge dent in my chain cover from the fuel tank). The sprocket kit was not even packaged, leading to several nuts, washers and bolts scattered around the bottom of the box.

    They shipped relatively fast, about 3 days from order, and they shipped out of "City of Industry, CA", which took a week to get to Indiana from FedEx.

    The kit, I guess, is a resale of the "Grubee Starfire Engine Kit" from "Gasbikes.net(?)", however I was slightly disappointed in that the kit was actually missing the "Tools" that were written in the instruction manual as being in there. I don't know if this is deliberate, but the "Tools" section was deleted from the cover page, but left behind on the second page... mistake?

    Anyway, the motors were on clearance... I suppose them advertising a Grubee Starfire kit which I've seen sell on Ebay for about 120, for about 120 dollars (They claim they sell them regularly for 200 dollars.) SANS the tools in the kit isn't really clearance.

    But hey, there's what happened for me from BikeBerry.com Everything else came in great shape, fortunately...
  4. NCRider

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    I bought the black 80cc kit from Bikeberry. The instructions were a little sketchy, but otherwise I am very happy with the kit. I have 30 miles on the engine, so far. I would buy from Bikeberry again. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck...Anthony
  5. S.PadreSurfer

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    Just so you guys know, there's a downloadable pdf of the instruction manual on their site. Go to the 80cc kit and scroll down. I got my kit from dax and it didn't have instructions except the ones on the site(just showed engine mounting and sprocket mounting).. And i had seen the pdf on their site while i was looking for my engine and i used it to install mine.
  6. Noah Burks

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    i bought an 80cc motor from bikeberry a couple months back and man have i had problems. the muffler cap fell off,the gas tank leaks and the bracket thats supposed to fit onto any 26 bike with 11 or so inches in the frame didnt fit my 26 Schwinn cruiser. Ive paid over 200 dollars to get the motor welded on and to make sure it stays on because its already shook the weld till its cracked once! anyway my problems are not with the engine, that part is fine. well Ive only heard basically great things about bikeberries easy installation and long running capacity so i guess i'm just the unlucky one.

    signed, the unlucky one
  7. these kits are sold for around $120 and are not worth or sold for $200,they just tell you that so you think youre getting a deal. and they dont come with tools except a sparkplug and clutch remover thingy.the black and white manual is what usually comes with a kit if that at all.diffrent websites package there parts better than others when shipping. i never ordered from bikeberry so i dont know about them.
  8. Kiwi

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    i am happy with my "80"cc i purchased from them
  9. Noah Burks

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    cabinfever, i know their not worth 200$ i bought mine for 119$ including tax. what i was referring to when i said i paid 200 dollars was how much it cost to do all the things that needed to be done to make sure all the problems i had with it were fixed, i dont mean to be trashing bikeberry please dont think that they are a great site and the actual motor is great. i hope to be up and running with my bike within the week, and have already received emails from bikeberry asking if i needed any help.
  10. Randy Turner

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    dont buy from bikeberry

    i wouldn't buy anything from bikeberry.com. i hope this doesn't surprise your but bikeberry.com edits the customer reviews. you wont find a customer review less than 4 stars. if you review it with one star they will make sure that the people on the Internet don't see the review. Also if you
    have problems with getting the motor running dont count on any help from their customer service people. its a scam. buyer beware and the better business bureau won't help you either.
  11. dougsr.874

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    Once again, all of these 2 stroke china engines are the same... the only difference I have found is that some of the sites will send you a small, guaranteed to break immediately chain, and a worthless CNS carb...
  12. Greg58

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    I bought five grubee 48cc engines, 2010 models with the then new cns2 carb. Other than the plastic carb spacer problem on two which I made copper replacements for all five are still running. On one carb the flange broke so the carb was replaced with a nt. From what I have learner these engines are basically the same but not identical, the piston pin placement differs on some. I have a bgf48 as well as the grubee and they are not the same. As for Bikeberry I have no complaints.