Time to replace a crank seal.. And maybe more!?

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    Alright so here is a little back round of my NOT SO HAPPY TIME engine.
    Ive got a daemon 49cc ht 2 stroke. After i bought it, i mounted up the kit and everything went great for about 100 miles. Then my piston seized up on me. I rebuilt the top end with all new parts and its been a nightmare ever since..
    So far Ive replaced, All the engine hardware with 10 grade allen head bolts, new cylinder bottom and top gaskets, new cylinder body, piston, rings, Intake and exhaust gaskets,new cdi, billet port matched intake, and a high flow filter.
    Its been running on and off lately, I was using a CNS carb for a while but just switched back to the NT. The bike has been VERY VERY hard to get started lately. The clutch was slipping really bad. no matter how fast i went, when i dumped the clutch, the motor would hardly turn over at all. I could hear a soft Putt Putt as it slows down but cant hear anything while pedaling fast.

    PROBLEM 1) I had it idling for a while today and came back to find the area under the carburetor had completely filled itself with thick oil... I cleaned it all off and noticed it was coming out of the crankcase gasket.. (Pic 1 shows were it was leaking out of, right where the cable stop is pointing to.)
    Would some gasket goo (or some sort of epoxy fix this problem or am i looking at a complete tare down to replace the gasket to fix this?

    Problem 2) Next i Pulled the bike inside to start inspecting, and found that a good amount of gas/oil came out of the clutch cover when i opened it. And here is why...(pic 2)
    So my next question is how hard is it to replace the seal? Is it just simply removing the old with a flat head and putting it back in with with a seal driver(//same diameter socket) and hammer? Would i be required to remove the crank to put the seal in or can i just slide it over and press it in?

    So now i got to wondering. I know this probably had nothing to do with it but is there any way the oil that's leaking into the clutch housing via the crank seal is what whats was causing it to oooze out of the crankcase?

    Sorry if this is a lot at once.... Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    If i were you, this would be a good time to do a complete engine pull and replace ALL gaskets. Use RTV silicon on all mating surfaces and you will notice the difference!
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    Hope this answers your questions.