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    Hi guys,

    I haven't been around for a while...couple of summer vacations...and I've been way too much of a forum junkee...I had to step away.

    During my trips, we rented scooters, and decided that scooters are a much better option for me, as I want reliability without the daily wrenching and tweaking, not to mention lights, suspension, transmission, etc. My wife will even ride on it with me, and will most likely get herself one shortly so we can ride together.

    Motored Bikes have been a great hobby and I did have fun wrenching on it, but I've always felt like I wanted a real motorcycle or scooter because I want to use it for regular commuting, as well as longer-distance cruising. The bike was my "stepping stone" and got me used to being defensive of the cagers, etc.

    I bought a Genuine Buddy 125cc 4-stroke scoot last month, and since I have not been riding my motored bike at all. (Yes, I jumped ship..please don't hate me.) I really need a good suspension to protect my back as I have a disintegrating disk in my low back, and that was a major contributor to my decision - but I'll also admit that I fell in love with the Genuine Buddy from the first time I rode it. It will do close to 70mph, and you never feel any complaints from the motor, nor vibration. It's solid, and much safer to be able to keep up and/or pass the traffic in my neck of the woods.

    I have put over $700 into my bike, and it's in PERFECT condition. I spared no costs on it for looks, functionality, and reliability. I have about 350 miles on it - tons of upgrades, etc.

    The first $500 takes it, and you can come pick it up at my house in Boynton Beach, FL. I want whomever buys it to ride it and make sure they are completely happy with the "Blue Dog" before I take your money.

    Anyone who knows me understands that I really take care of my stuff. The partial list of upgrades and accessories include:

    Kulana Moon Dog
    70cc HT Motor with about 350 miles on it - broken in easy, now uses the best AMSOil.
    Replaced stock wheels with Kevlar Comfort Tires
    Front wheel uses No More Flats - solid core
    Rear Wheel uses Slime Tube (extra thick)
    Mr. Tuffy tire liners
    Upgraded double-sided kickstand - spooky
    Upgraded 40t sprocket
    Suspension motor mount
    NGK plug
    Bearing chain tensioner
    Front bag for tools, etc.
    Really nice rear with Paniers
    35W headlight
    Upgraded front fender
    New Handgrips - really soft
    Nice metal mirror
    New Schwinn suspension seat - comfy
    Motor clutch and crank covers (both side of the main block) is now painted red (using high-heat automotive paint) for extra visibility - and it looks GREAT!
    Oh, and I just re-packed the bearings front and rear!

    And a bunch of other extras that I can't remember now - but obviously money was never an issue , and I had no problem spending it to make this bike as nice as it can be.

    Anyway, please let me know if you want it before I put it up for auction, my friends.

    I really did have fun here, and want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome at MotoredBikes.com. You are all a great bunch of people, and I have not found a friendlier group on any of the scoot forums to be honest, and I'll miss you all.

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    Mark - after an all day ride on my MB - I can understand the switch to something a little faster and better for the back.. As with your case - MBs can be a stepping stone to other 2-wheeled wonders !! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  3. You take care,Mark. It would be nice if you could keep it for those slow rides but your back takes priority!
    Good luck with everything!
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    Take at easy man & drop back occasionally to let us know how your going..........happy motoring. :)
  5. Was hoping maybe we would have a ride together this Fall. Good luck with the scooter Mark.
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    Personally, I'd keep the bicycle too! I have a motorcycle, and I am doing a "home built" motorized bike to putt around in. Main reason is that the bicycle will give me access to trails that I cannot ride the motorcycle on. I totally agree with you that riding with traffic on a scooter or mc is safer than riding on the shoulder. Have fun on that scoot! The Buddy is a nice scoot, but I love the Genuine Stella, classic looks, manual shifting and a 2 stroke engine. Scooter heaven for me!
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    While our hobby can be a lot of fun, a scooter ride is , BY FAR, much more comfortable. If you get a good quality scooter, you won't have the wrenching chore, either. Best of luck on your new ride, & be careful.